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Hi, I am new here and am trying to get into nursing school in Colorado, however the wait lists here are crazy!!! I am looking into Concorde Career Institutes (they have no wait), ADN program. I wanted to know if this is a... Read More

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    The program is 13 months. A brand new class starts every 10 weeks. It is 25,000.00 dollars

    No eve program at all ,you have to be able to commit to 8-3 monday thru friday and clinicals are 2 x a week and can range from 8 hour to 12 hour any shift weekends included. Mosty mine were 9 hour 6:30a to 3:30p. I did have to do 3 weekend days this whole time so far.

    We had 10 people drop out of my class that started with 30 within the first 2 weeks, I will graduate with 15 people in my class that I origionally started with , so for some people the program was not easy .
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    I am from the grad class of 09/03. I took my LPN there because I wasted to get into nursing and I did not want to wait. I though I could work through my RN or at lease get my job to pay for my RN class.
    I will tell you I had NO fear walking in to take my NCLEX and I was shut off at 85 questions and pass on the only try. I had no fear starting my first job becasue the teachers made sure you knew what you needed to know and you are the best at doing your job.
    When I went they were still in the talking phase of RN class. I have come back and spoken with Students as LPN and I will never forget my teachers they were great !,

    Great program for LPN )
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    I know this is an old thread...anyone that was looking at Concorde last spring get in? How are classes going?
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    How much does it cost for the LVN_ RN program in concorde colorado?
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    Quote from Igalang10
    How much does it cost for the LVN_ RN program in concorde colorado?
    As far as I know, the price is now $28,000 for the LVN/LPN program, and $42,000 for the associate degree RN program.

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