Any other Regis alternates out there?

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    So i just checked my status online for Regis University and found out I am an accepted alternate. I am pretty bummed as I do not know what the chances are of enough individuals dropping out of the program for me to enter in. I would love to hear from other current alternates or previous alternates that could share their experiences with me such as how soon they heard and if they did not hear back what other route they decided to take. Thanks so much!

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    Hi IphyGirl! (I also go my degree in IPHY ) I am also a Regis alternate. I'm heartbroken. You are the 3rd person I've talked to who is an alternate, so I am wondering how many alternates they have! I would also love to know who else is an alternate or past experiences. I do not know what I am going to do now...Metro's application deadline is coming up soon, but I really had my heart set on Regis.
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    I am also heartbroken. That is awesome you're an IPHY grad as well, when did you graduate! I really had my heart set on Regis as well. I emailed Carrie and asked her if I were to apply again for their September first deadline for their May cohort if that would affect our alternate status and she said no so I guess it cant hurt. However she was kind of discouraging, mentioning that the May cohort is even smaller, thus more competitive I am also going to apply to metro and hopefully something will work itself out.
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    Hi Ladies,

    I was also a Regis alternate for the Traditional BSN and got accepted!! So don't give up hope yet. I would say to go ahead and apply for other programs just in case. Also, consider applying for traditional programs in addition to the accelerated. You may have a better chance since every one with a prior Bachelor's degree is looking for a career change in this economy. Plus, you may like the pace of the traditional better. Whatever you do, good luck and keep your chin up!
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    Hi there-

    I was a Regis alternate 3 times, finally I realized that it did not get me very far That said, I was also on the waitlist for ACC's ADN program and was #3 on the list and got called. The tough part with the Regis list is that it is renewed every time there is a new application period, so it does not carry over. Regis was my dream, but I also want to be a nurse before I am 60 and don't see a lot of hope with where I have been. I was even called in for an interview one of the times (applied 5 times). Don't give up, there are LOTS of schools out there, which is what I am finally wrapping my head around as well. There are A LOT of very qualified people out there which makes for a lot of competition. Good luck!
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    Thanks for your response. Wow three times as an alternate, I think that is just horrible to do someone. That alternate experience to say the least has been quite disheartening. I almost would rather have been straight up rejected. I was hoping re application would strengthen my chances of getting in, but from your experience it seems it does not
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    I don't think it hurts, but it can def keep you hoping for something for a long time. I am now looking into CU colorado springs and Metro. Regis is an amazing school and I think there are a lot of people with healthcare experience that are almost overqualified are applying. Just bummed, it is a good school and Carrie is awesome at giving tips to keep applying, you can only wait so long though.

    What are your stats? GPA? Pre-reqs?
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    I m an integrative physiology grad from CU, cumulative GPA 3.5, just finished all my prereqs for the program with A's. Got another interview in November for the May 2011 program, hopefully it goes better than last time. I have my CNA and work for a doctor's office. In your interview did they ask you anything about your decision to re-apply?
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    I don't remember, with your GPA and CNA I bet you will be in before you know it. Hang in there, good thoughts coming your way!
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    Don't give up hope just yet. There are many alternates that were accepted into our cohort at Regis, and notifications went out until the week before program start.

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