Strike breaking agency recruiting nurses

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    upcoming labor dispute in northern california

    strike staff is accepting applications for a potential work stoppage in northern california. in the event of a work stoppage, rns with completed profiles (to include application, skills checklist, and all medical documentation) will have priority.

    in the event of a work stoppage, positions will feature:

    up to $50 per hour
    all expenses paid
    60 hour guarantees
    tentative start date may 7th
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    I submitted the above thread. Sorry that my name did not make it in.
    This was E mailed to me this afternoon.

    Anyway, it really burns my *** when I see stuff like this. Using the poor economy to recruit nurses to back stab nurses who are trying to make changes in their work enviroment.

    The hospitals can always find enough money to pay top dollar to strike breakers, but pull the empty pockets routine at new contract time!

    JMHO and my NY $0.02.
    Lindarn, RN, BSN, CCRN
    Somewhere in the PACNW
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    SO TRUE! It hurts me when I drive by a facility that has its nurses on strike outside. Everybody keeps on driving in like business as usual. Why don't the unionized delivery truck drivers honor the picket line?!? Oh well, it's only women nurses! NOTE: I'm being sarcastic! Don't get me started on my soapbox with nursing as a female occupation!
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    SO TRUE!! It hurts me when I drive by a facility and see its nurses outside and everybody is driving in like business as usual. Why don't unionized delivery truck drivers honor the picket? Oh well, it's only women nurses!! NOTE: I'm being sarcastic. Don't get me started on my 'nursing as female occupation' soapbox!
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    I understand CEOs who try to stiff employees.
    I understand nurses who strike.
    What I can't understand is a nurse who sells out a fellow nurse over money.
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    They do it for the patients ! NOT , the money of course .
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    Those truck drivers need $$ too... just like the RNs that, too need to work and cross the picket lines that already work at a striking facility.
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    This thread is futile and has been covered many times before and probably many times in the future . But to those that are thimking about strike breaking , for the pay mentioned you are selling yourself cheap , I recieve more in my regular salary than this , as do many of my coworkers . We get paid these rates due to the area in which we work ( north California ) and because we worked , collectively to attain these rates . So rather than work against us to reduce us to your pay levels , why not put the same effort in as we did to raise your self to our levels of pay .
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    This one has always has me torn. If my union votes to go on strike, I'll go on strike. But I know that nurses will have to be hired to care for patients during the strike and I'll have no ill feelings toward them.
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    I hate to inform you but a temp / travel / per diem / whatever nurse making $$ is not backstabbing other nurses. Call it what you want, drama it up, use loaded words like "back stabbing" or whatever you want, but the truth hurts. I AM IN A UNION and i get so aggravated at the union jumping to use loaded tirades like "the hospital doesnt care about safety" and things like that whenever the rumor of temp nurses come into play during a strike or crisis.

    The purpose of a union is to fight for better wages / rights. Once said contract is agreed on by both sides, then both sides have to honor that. I understand that. Once the contract is up, the facility has EVERY right to do whatever it needs to do. This is rather your union likes it or not. It amazes me once negotiations start and theres any hint of strike, it immediately begins with "the crazy greedy hospital that cares nothing about the patients hires temporary back stabbing nurses that will create a hell hole cesspool of scariness and its ALL the hospitals fault!" Working for a union is great BUT i know good and well that i am still replaceable if and when that time comes. It would not have hurt my feelings at all to see every teacher in wisconsin get replaced last year..... all their drama stirring about how the state doesnt care about "the kids". "The patient" is the nurses claim when things dont go their way.
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