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labor & healthcare-the issue of our time you probably know that the uaw has called a national strike against gm. this is the first auto strike since 1976, the first strike against gm since 1970...and the first strike since the... Read More

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    Just circling back around to where this thread started - which was on the loss of employer paid health benefits for working people.
    When I talk with nurses about this, especially in the states where strong unions have given nurses a pretty good sense of health security, they sometimes say something like this: "I worked hard to get myself to a profession with good health benefits, those other people who don't have it should do the same."
    One of the realities of the hard world of a business based healthcare system is that those who stick up get pounded down. As more and more American workers lose their health benefits, or get pushed into high-deductible plans they can't afford to use, it focuses attention on the shrinking group who still have decent benefits. And it's not the kind of attention we want. As fewer and fewer have health benefits themselves, they feel a lot less sense of support for those who do - especially when our wages and benefits contribute to the cost of theirs.
    In the long run - and not even that long - the only way nurses will maintain our own health security is by helping to make sure others have it too.
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    I think that's it's essential that nursing unions stay active politically.
    Whay should doctors, firemen, policemen and teachers have a political voice, but not nurses.

    Our profession looks at the patient as a whole. Our patients lives don't end when they leave the hospital. There is a broader community and political reality that exists out there. The issues of whether they have healthy food, safe housing, adequate education, whether or not they have insurance or not, whether or not they can refill their prescriptions, etc all impact health.

    The other key is that our practice and profession are under attack! You better believe that th health care industry (pharma, hospital associations, insurance cos) are politically active. We can't afford to let them deskill and dumb-down our practice--move the focus from patient care to "customer satisfactio" and the perception of care rather than quality, without fighting back!
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    It is a great time for Labor Unions to be involved in the holiday dialogues to change health care policies!
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    Quote from alma.ata1978
    It is a great time for Labor Unions to be involved in the holiday dialogues to change health care policies!
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