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My hospital is going through some major changes to include a complete turnover of management. Nurses are leaving due to unhappiness and unsafe conditions. Would a union help if I could help start one... Read More

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    Nurses need to learn that they have the power. Nothing to fear but fear itself! Look at the Police, the Firemen, the teachers. Nurses are at least as important as those careers and anyone of them would agree. k
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    Don't worry! I am MAD! I gave my all to that place. I saved them from lawsuits all the time from disgruntled families by defusing the situation. I represented them in the best possible light-all of us did. I was so tired of there questionaires and Gallup crap and then nothing happened. My boss, who I liked was always begging us to fill out the polls and we were like,"why?" nothing ever changes, just increase the workload. They were having about 48 percent of staff doing the Gallup. And why not? Same poll for last 7 years and no changes. I'd love to see them bend to a union. Nothing has changed either in the 6 months since I left. I keep up with my friends. In fact getting ready to increase the pt ratio. The time is ripe, I'd say. k
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    Quote from kmcguirern
    Question: I've seen 2 comments so far stating that Hospitals are anti-union, as they should be. Could someone explain to me why they should be? I know they are for their own good, but what other reasons do you know of. Does anyone think they should not become union and why?
    Hospitals are anti-union because it takes away some of their power. In non-union hospitals, what administration says goes. If administration decides that positions are being cut, that there won't be raises this year, that shift differentials are going away, etc. (and all of the above happened during the time I was at my former hospital), it just happens. In a union facility, those things don't just happen.
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