is there a weekend only cna job???

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    hi everyone im about to start my cna course next month and i wonder if theres a cna job for the weekends only or maybe 3x per week preferably nights or evening.. i have two babies( toddler and an infant ) and i still wanna spend time with them while i make a living as well... i wanna know whats out there and chances that i can get upon completing the course.. thanks everyone!

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    Home care will allow you to pretty much make your own schedule. It can be unpredictable as far as steady hours, since no agency will promise you set hours. Some agencies will require you to work every other holiday etc, while others will accept whatever schedule you can give them. Check around, interview with several. In most areas (even where jobs are tough to find) there is a demand for homecare CNA's.
    I've worked for several different ones over the years. It's nice because it's mostly one on one and usually not very stressful at all.
    Do expect the agency to pay for milage between client homes, most do, but some do not.
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    I asked that question at a LTC facility one time, and they acted like they were thrilled that someone would want to only work weekends. Apparently they rotate the weekends, and if someone wants to, that lets others off the hook! lol
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    Some LTC facilities will let you work "double weekends" which consists of 16 hour shifts on Saturday and Sunday.
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    I work weekends only 12 hour shifts in a hospital.
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    Quote from kenyacka
    I work weekends only 12 hour shifts in a hospital.
    kenyacka!! wow im so jealous thats what im looking for! may i know what state you are at?
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    You shouldn't have any problems finding a CNA job if you only want to work nights and wknds. Just put that on your resume and start sending it to every hospital and LTC in your area.
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    Like sharon said, most LTCs and hospitals are happy with people who want weekends because nobody else wants them! There is one girl at my place who works 12h shifts on F, Sa, Su every weekend. In May I'm starting to work 12h Saturdays and 8h Sundays. Good luck!

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