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    I started my CNA job last week and I'm coming here to vent in hopes that some of you can make me feel better! I really like job and enjoy every second of it; 8hr shifts feel like 4 hour shifts because I truly love doing it. However, I feel over burdened and incompetent. I don't know if this is normal for new CNAs to feel this way or not. The hardest part for me is learning all the residents names, and knowing what they do and don't get. I don't know if this feeling is normal or not... Did any of you feel this way? I'm hoping that after a month or so ill feel more competent and comfortable. I'm just scared I would be able to do it; but I know I can because I have my heart in it and not just doing it "because I have to" I'm doing it so I can get experience before I graduate nursing school. Basically I just want to know if you guys also felt overburdened, incompetent, and uncomfortable in your first week of your CNA job. Will it get better? Guess I just need to hear other opinions! Thank you!
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    Oh man, I TOTALLY felt that way. It didn't help that my co-workers treated me like dirt because I was slow and didn't know how to do everything. I'd constantly get dirty looks, talked down to, etc.
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    I think it's normal to feel like that at any job where there's a learning curve. It takes practice and putting hours in to become proficient and to feel like you're actually competent at something. Just hang in there, it should get better!
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    Yeah, that is fairly are new at it, and therefore you have a lot to learn yet and are not going to be perfect at the job yet (think back to the last time you started something new that you had no experience in, I'm sure you felt the same way then). I would suggest that you find one of your coworkers who knows what they are doing and doesn't mind answering questions and teaching others, and see if they wouldn't mind being your 'mentor' and helping you learn the job better. Don't worry, that feeling of being lost, of not knowing what is going on, it will get better...just don't give up no matter how discouraging it gets and work hard.
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    sorry to hijack your post but today was also my first day on the job and I was running around like a chicken with its head cut off. Most of the staff were unhelpful and didn't not want to be bothered with basic questions. Worst part is I'm going to be a floater so I feel like everyday will be the same. ugh
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    When I started I was terrible, couldn't get everyone out of bed by lunch, and the nurses were getting fed up with me. About 3 or 4 weeks into it, I started to get my own groove. I didn't have the easiest coworkers to work with either. You just have to take it one shift at a time, and try to come up with your own way of keeping track of stuff. I was a float too, but I think it made me a better CNA because I was used to getting used to different Residents all the time. Eventually you get to know all of them, just takes time. Be patient, you can do it!
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    Congrats on your first job! That's awesome! I'm glad I read this because hopefully I will be in your situation soon, and it will help me be more prepared for my first job, and how to deal with situations like this. Sounds like most people are saying it just takes time, that sounds like most jobs. Most employees in any job hate training new employees, I think people just forget what it was like starting out.
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    Definitely had the same experience when I started out (about 4ish/5ish months ago, don't feel like doing the math). Heck, there are still some days where I go into work, there will be a new patient, and they'll have some sort of situation I've never encountered before. Don't let it get to you! You've had the training to keep everyone safe and you know what you need to; the rest is just about getting a rhythm going that works for you. You'll grow into it soon enough
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    Thank you guys so much for your encouragement! Really made me feel better!
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    I'm floater in my cna job I feel like stupid running around no one wants to help you. They are unhelpful if you ask them they will give you a wrong info or they will not I didn't know why these people is so mean. But I'm doing my very best at work though.
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