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My question is: People at my facility are using wash clothes to wash patients with visible BM on the buttucks. Then at times also throwing them in the dirty laundry basket of said hamper. The hamper is washed for the resident... Read More

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    That's what I do. If it's bad enough, put the resident in the shower and rinse it all down the drain!

    We don't have wipes at my facility but most of our toilets have sprayers. Those are much better than bagging everything up and bringing it to the hopper, which sprays so forcefully that you end up with a mist of dirty water in the air and dripping down into your gloves*. I just throw the soiled stuff in the toilet and stick the nozzle under water so there's no splashing and spray away.

    *I wish they made opera-length gloves.
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    Quote from fuzzywuzzy

    *I wish they made opera-length gloves.
    They do. You can snitch them from OB.