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Though I may not consider myself as highly experienced certified nursing assistant, but my three-years of working have taught me a lot about the other side of this occupation. In this short span of career, I have faced many... Read More

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    Quote from forbidden2know
    All you people make me scared to become a CNA, but I'm gonna do it anyway. If I'm doing something the wrong way, I don't mind being told about it in a respectful way. I'm not there to be your best friend, I'm there to do a job, and If I call out for help with a patient and you don't help because you don't like me, well.... SHAME on YOU!... for not thinking about the patient first.
    I just pray to god that when I am done with school and start looking for a job as a CNA, that I find a place that work together as a team because without team work, the ones that suffer in the end will be the patients.
    I agree with you that we SHOULD all work as a team and not act like High Schoolers that are in a bunch of clicks that I Like You your cool/I don't Like You because I don't like youe hair style. But Nomatter What you do in Life, you can run into these type of Co workers. It is not just CNAs or Nurses that eat their young. So do not be afraid to become a CNA. Just do your best to work with the easy and not so easy co workers and work to make your residents lives brighter because your in it.
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