Pay Rate for CNA/Medication Aide

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    Hello everyone, I live in Charlotte, North Carolina. I passed the certification test for Medication Aide, January, 2006. Most of the nursing homes, I have talked to said, I need to be a CNA. I will complete the CNA course next month. Does anybody know the starting payrate for CNA/Medication Aide. Any information would be helpful trying to get a high payrate to cover my mortgage while in school. Thank you.

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    I don't know specifically about NC, but in general, a CNA will make CRAP. Good luck with that mortgage.
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    Hi there!

    Here in Fort Worth pay is about $9-11/hour depending on where you work. Call the human resources department at a few hospitals and LTC facilities and ask. Sometimes, home health pays significantly more, like $15-18/hour.

    Good luck!
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    I have been a CNA for 3 years in WI. I make $13.15. and I am only 19. For me that is good. Then again, I don't have a house payment to make.
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    I'm in Fort Worth, Texas. CNAs earn between $8.50 and $11 per hour. The average medication aide earns about $12 hourly. Hopefully this has helped.
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    In Kansas it is anywhere between $8-$15 an hour depending on where you go. Home Health pays more, but most do not offer benefits & they usually want experience. I make over $12 but I work weekends 2nd shift which I get differential pay for both the day of the week and the hour of day. Considering to get licensed as a CNA is not very difficult in most states the pay is understandable. I don't agree that we get paid "well" for the work we do but I think it is a great paying job if your investing in your future in the medical field...which really is priceless. BUT there are bills to pay! LOL. Good luck.
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    I am a Med Tech in NC and make 14.00/hr in an asst. living facility. I work as a CNA in a hospital and make more than that.
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    may i ask where in wisconsin i am in iowa and have been a cna/cma for over 4 years and am not making $11 an hour. i am about 1 hour from la crosse.
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    Sorry I meant to say in NC. Some places here in NC do not make very well, such as in home health but the hospitals pay very well.
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    Does anyone know the pay rate for CNAs in South Jersey or Philly region? Thanks!

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