Passed my CNA exam today!!!

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    I took my CNA exam today and I passed it. I was so nervous but I pulled it off. Now on to the job market. Have three offers just can understand why the pay is cheap????
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    Congratulations! I take mine on the 18th. The low pay does not have me too excited but I'm doing this as a stepping stone because I'm going into the nursing program. Where I work now I get paid pretty well (as an insurance agent) and am not looking forward to the lower pay, that's for sure.
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    Congratulations!! I start my CNA program June 8th. We're definitely going into this for the experience, not the pay. =) Like stewartfamily, I'm leaving a much higher paying job to pursue an RN degree and will work as a CNA while in nursing school. The paycut is temporary and may make all the difference in the world when pursuing that newgrad RN position. Those working in facilities already seem to be the most likely to get the newgrad position. Good luck to both of you!!
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    Congrats on passing your test. It's a great feeling to finally be done. Glad to hear you have 3 offers as well. Good Luck with everything
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    Congrats on passing get the experience it will take you a long way.
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    Thank you everyone and yes it will take me a long way. Far as the pay, No not excited but I starting the nursing program in September and I figured it will get me started in the right direction. So on my way I go. Good luck to everyone starting the CNA program it was a breeze.
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    grats on you lady!!!!
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    Quote from arianarod326
    grats on you lady!!!!
    Thank you much
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    That's wonderful! I know those exams aren't easy.

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    Congrats! I go on the 17th to take my state exam and I am nervous. I am not worried about the written part of the exam but I don't know about doing the check offs with someone standing over my shoulder. I have to pass both sections to be able to get into the RN program in Fall. Any advice to working through the nerves for the clinical section?

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