Passed my CNA exam today!!!


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MVM2 thank you for your advice. I am going to try not to worry and pray for good results!! I will keep you guys posted as I find out

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Help everyone just coming thru to give insight on my CNA job instated Monday. I must say its jot bad I am in training 3-11 shift PT and its ok. I watch how the experiences aids give showers and bathe the residents it was definitely not taught that way. I want to cry one girl cleaned a residents vagina with shaving cream. I was in awe really. I don't know if I am gonna stay at this particular faculty. Any suggestions???


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I would not like to see that either. Was it just because she was not perpared the way she should have been, and so she just used what was avaliable? I can not imagine not having soap there for her to have cleaned her peri area. I'd say just do what you know is best when giving these residence the showers. Make sure there is soap, shampoo extra for everything you need before you start. Sometimes you can not do anything about what others do. Just make sure you do what you know is right, and the way you were taught to give a shower.


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I passed today!! :):)

Congrats!! That is wonderful!!