Officially a c.n.a. Today!!!

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    Today was my graduation and I am now an official certified nurses aide!!! The course was 3 months through an accredited community college course so no need to take a state exam I made it
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    Congrats that is wonderful. wish I could have tooken the class without taking the states.
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    Nice! Congrats!
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    Thanks all now next thing is to get everything sorted with prometrics. I am praying I can SOMEHOW land a hospital but I'm sure I'm gunna need an abundance of prayer for that lol
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    Congrats! Had to take state exam here after taking course at local college.
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    How do you 'get away' with not having to take the state exams? I thought that passing the written and skills CNA testing for your state was the only way for your name and info to appear on your state's registry of healthcare workers and it's the only way, other than the sheet they give you at after you pass the tests, to prove you are really certified?
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    Oh and many many congrats too!!!

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