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non accredited CNA program

  1. 0 Has anyone had problems finding a job with a certification from a Tech school or community college?
    I will be attending Miller-Motte to become a CNA, and they are not regionally accredited
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    I'm not sure how it works in your state, but in my state I checked the Department of Public Health to see which school to go to. There are requirements for hours both in class and for clinicals, and as far as I know that varies from state to state.
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    I'm going to try it out, I just hope it doesn't hinder me from getting a job once I finish
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    Wow. I've been a CNA a long time. Guess where I got my training? In a vacant room in a nursing home that they turned into a lab. Got trained by a retired nurse.

    Never had problems finding a job. No one cares. I filled out my app and showed them my license. I don't think employers are really too hung up in accreditation as we think. If they really want you, they'll take you and give you that chance.
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    Wow Ive never heard of an accredited cna course and I am pretty sure if you have tour certification, then it shouldnt matter if your school is accredited or not.
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    Quote from DivaLaJuicy
    Wow Ive never heard of an accredited cna course and I am pretty sure if you have tour certification, then it shouldnt matter if your school is accredited or not.
    I haven't heard of an accredited CNA program, either. I mean, I guess there's some sort of requirements that allow you to sit for the exam, but I think they're very...very...very....minimal. And any school that didn't meet them would probably only be around for a split second.
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    CNA class requirements are usually set by the state that licenses them. Students must get all their clinical and classroom hours and pass their exams and get checked off on their resident care procedure skills. Then they can move on to a testing date with a State certified tester to sit for exam...pass that, then move on to the skills part of the testing. All of this of coarse after passing background screening, physical, TB test, Drug screen and not being named on the bad CNA list. This is the case for the state of Indiana.
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    Once you have your certification, it should not matter to the employer.
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    Is the program approved by your state board of nursing? That's the really important question. Because if it's not, will they allow you to submit your materials and take the exam for certification? When I was looking for a CNA program in my city, I started my search at the BON website, just to make sure I wouldn't have any problems.