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Im such an idiot i want to die i passed the written but i failed the skills and i failed on one of the easiest ones radial pulse I hate myself so much i cant belave how stupid i am i have been... Read More

  1. by   supervisorhatchet
    FYI: akk 4 of the ladies that failed at our facility failed 1 failed due to respirations, 1 due to heart rate, and the other 2 i can remember.

    you are not alone.

    if you want to be an RN

    just keep going
    i felt like the stupidest person in all my groups classess...but I made it BSN,RN
    and with a little studying and a lot of hard work...you can make it to
    practice your skills straight from the manual.
  2. by   yajaira21
    Quote from sil2012
    @Yajaira21--just finish reading your post and I see you passed!!...Congrats!!! I am happy for you....I am preparing to take the exam pretty soon, I am waiting to tell me when to take it. What state are you in? and what skills did you get on the 2nd time?
    Thank you! Well it was a few months ago but I got hand washing respiration range of motion denture care and dressing a client with affected right arm Im in CA

    Good luck! you are going to pass
  3. by   kingn
    I also failed the radial pulse, my tester she got weak pulse
  4. by   Maki215
    I failed the CNA skills because of weighting the patient- which is an even easier skill than pulse and respiration. I don't know if I made the mistake adding or I recorded the incorrect number I also may have forgot to write lbs and I might have added pound with kilograms by mistake b/c the scale was in both or I might have rounded wrongly or maybe they wanted me to take it out to the 1st decimal place, but since the test results do not specify I'm at a loss where I went wrong on such an easy task. I was one of the best in my cna class, I got the highest score on the final and was not "at risk for failing." My classmates were shocked and I was a bit too since I didn't feel that nervous about the test, I was pretty relaxed. What makes it worse is I have my bachelor's degree in biology and I just started nursing school. I really need a job right away to pay for books and rent and was counting on this. This cna course was dragged out for 4 weeks when it was supose to be three and then I had to wait two weeks for the test and two weeks for the letter. Now who knows how long I will have to wait for a retest plus waiting for the results. It's becomming a four month endeavor grrrr. I'm going to retake the skills it's just so frustrating and annoying. I don't think there's anything else I could have done to prepare. Sometimes the people who put the most effort into things and feel they are prepared, fail too. Hopefully luck is on their side next time.
  5. by   Cackie
    I am about to take my exam on Wednesday. I just received that info today, I think I will flunk. I know I will try again. you can too.
  6. by   tiffjh2
    I'm reading a lot about people who have failed the cna test for ridiculous reasons. We are human not robots. Wow. I'm glad I had such a great teacher.
  7. by   tiffjh2
    Also I only had to take a written..I didn't have to test on pulse, weight, etc. My teacher had us do it but she was patient and had us do it til we all got it right. We all passed.
  8. by   MarkinAZ
    So I've read all your comments and I think those of you who failed are being way too hard on yourselves. That includes me, I just got my results today and I failed the pulse part of vital signs. Really? REALLY? That is all I can think....The skills I was asked to do were peri-care, ROM hip/knee, brushing teeth, and vital signs (no Bp.) I just can't believe the RN failed me on a subjective skill as such. The result I counted was 35 beats for 30 seconds x 2 = 70/minute. I could feel the pulse fine, and I'm at a total loss how the RN could have got a different number, she counted on the opposite arm and I told her when I began and when I stopped. In AZ our exam goes through a company called Headmaster, and I know the last exam only two other guys failed, again on a subjective skill; blood pressure (both of them.)

    Does anybody know anything about appealing/contesting the results of the CNA skills exam? I can't help but notice that only males have failed from our school recently. If you include all the minor steps involved in my skills, there are 105 total steps, I got 102 of them right, and still failed??? How can this be?

    Any thoughts on how to appeal this? I'm in AZ and don't see anything in google searches about appealing or on the AZ Board of Nursing about it either.

    Thanks in advance.
  9. by   IEDave
    Only appeal I know of is to retake the test - here in CA, you have to pay to retake it, but you have 3 tries to get it before having to retake the class. And...lots of people fail on the simple stuff. Class before ours - 9 people failed on bedpan. Our class - mostly VS of some sort (BP, Radial pulse, counting respirations) or infection control. One of my carpoolers got nailed on removing her gown - touched the outside of the sleeve with an ungloved hand.

    Good news is if you have to retake the test, I know of exactly one person that had to do it 3 times and she wasn't in my class. Nearly everyone gets it the second time around, and as you say it's 99% nerves that causes you to fail.

    ----- Dave
  10. by   MarkinAZ
    Hey Dave thanks for the reply. I'll post on here what my instructor has to say and whatever else I come up with. My biggest problem with this is the one I've already mentioned, i.e. getting 102 of 105 things correct and yet still failing. The other is twofold, that is I will have to repeat this skill I failed and if we got different results the first time who is to say we won't get different results on a re-test. The other part of that is: the RN is a human and subject to error just as easily as I am. We all did these skills everyday for 7 weeks and during our clinicals.
  11. by   MarkinAZ
    I spoke with the company that administers the exam, Headmaster LLP, and they said the RN observer counted 39 x 2 = 78 for the pulse. I got 35 x 2 = 70. So I was out of the allowable range and therefore failed. The respiration rate I counted was 14. I feel that a pulse of 78 is a little high for someone with very normal respirations. The patient was very relaxed and the pulse felt more toward slow than fast. When I found out the skill I failed I thought if anything, the RN would have counted a pulse slower than 70 not above. Any thoughts? I'll pay the $80 and take the test again.
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  12. by   Paws2people
    Try not to dwell on it too much. If you get pulse again when you retest, do it twice to make sure you get the correct number. I always count for a full minute, rather than 30 seconds times 2. That way if it's irregular you get the exact number. An average respiration doesn't guarantee an average pulse. You can have a fast pulse, but average respirations. I do You will pass next time for sure.
  13. by   Kacey71788
    I felt the same way. A couple weeks ago I also took my skills test and I failed. I passed the written. I failed bc she said I did not say I was checking the bed brakes while doing Ambulation with a walker. I could have sworn I said it though. I passed all my other skills which was mouth care, applying a TED hose, changing an occupied bed, and handwashing. I was so upset I cried also but I'm glad to know I'm not the only one that failed. I thought wow if I cant even pass this... how am I going to be a RN?? I still need to reschedule my test. Hopefully I pass the second time. I was extremely nervous!