How was your state exam?

  1. I'm not worried about the written exam but the skills part I am a little. What did you do to prepare yourself before the skills part?
    What skills were you given to perform?
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  3. by   mvm2
    The skills part is always the part that people worry about more so then the written. I just studied the steps to each skill over and over again, and I also watch some videos on youtube. If you look up 4yourCNA on youtube she does an amazing job at showing what each skill should look like, and she is great at showing the indirect care as well.
    I personally had Denture&Mouth Care, Recording Respirations, Transfering from Bed to wheel Chair. I messed up really bad on Denture Care and I thought she would have failed me, but greatfully she passed me. So try to remember that if by chance you have a little mess-up don't let it rattle you and keep going and don't give up. Good Luck
  4. by   MommaTy
    My skills was passive range of motion, charting, and nail care.
  5. by   yugot2h8
    I had unconscious mouth care, height/weight, vital signs, male peri care, and hand washing.

    I just went through my skills book a couple of times. It is a lot easier than it seems...I was convinced I failed but was pleasantly surprised when I got the letter that I passed. Good luck, just practice and you will do great.
  6. by   mvm2
    Each state must have their own ideas what they have for skills testing. Here in MI we are not tested on Unconcious mouth care, there is mouth care with a person with teeth, and denture& mouth care. Height and weight is not one of them, and we have female peri care but not tested on male peri.
  7. by   yugot2h8
    I'm in KY and we are tested on 5 out of 25 skills. We have denture care and unconscious mouth care, but nothing specifically for a person with their own teeth. We also have both female and male peri care. :-)
  8. by   mvm2
    wow and I thought we had it bad. We only have to do 3 plus hand washing. One of them we know will be a recording skill. Which would be either feeding a resident and then recording the % of how much they eat and drink, recording respiration, recording amount of urine, recording pulse. We are even luck and blood pressure has been taken off the testing. So even though we are taught blood pressure we no longer have to worry about it being on skills testing.
  9. by   Cortney2013
    yougot2h8 I am also in KY how long did it take you to receive your results??
  10. by   jennco
    Our instructor said Pearson would do 5 skills with the first one ,of course, being hand washing.

    I get nervous when the teacher is watching me do a skill and forget steps. Thank you for the advice to not let it slip me up and keep going.
  11. by   yugot2h8
    Quote from Cortney2013
    yougot2h8 I am also in KY how long did it take you to receive your results??
    I took my test on April 1 and got results around April 29. The wait was awful.