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How long have you been at your job?

  1. 0 How long have you been in your current position, and how long have you been a CNA for?

    I've been at my job since October 2007, and became a CNA in the summer of 2007.
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    I got my certification in April of 2009. Couldn't find a job in hospital, I didn't want to do LTC at the time. Got pregnant, afraid to do LTC then. So I didn't actually start working until March of 2010. I've been at this job, my first, since then so a year and almost 3 months. I wouldn't trade the things I've learned here for a million dollars. I think everyone should give LTC a try, even it's just for a little while. There's more to it than just cleaning up poop.
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    I've been at my current job since the summer of 2010.
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    3 years as a CNA and 3 years at my current nursing home job, although before I got certified I had a couple private duty jobs doing personal care- that's what turned me onto CNA work in the first place. Before that I didn't even know what a CNA was.
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    I've been an aide for 5 years...I've worked at my current job for a year. And it's the first job I can see myself staying for years to come.
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    Been a CNA since march 2011, been at my current job since april 2011
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    Since Sept of 2010.
    I'm still at my first job and will be here until the 12th mth mark, at which point, I'll start applying to the hospital.
    I could've moved sooner but I got 'settled'. I like my residents...and I'm just used to everything at my facility.
    I'm kinda 'loyal'. I'm the sort that really hates changing jobs. Where it pertains to employment, I don't like 'change'.
    ...but, I gotta move soon because my nursing home only offers PRN and I need PT.

    But...I'd agree. Folks should give LTC a try. It'is interesting. I didn't think I'd like it. I thought it'd be depressing. I thought the residents would all be sitting around depressed, sad and awaiting death...*laugh* but, they aren't.
    Just a shame that we're so chronically under-staffed and can't spend MORE time with them.

    I don't think I'd want to stay LTC as a nurse, though. I need to be in an ER or somewhere else...putting out proverbial 'fires'. *laugh*
    ...and it's not that our nurses are lazy. They do their job, but...well - what does it consist of but charting, delegating, i.e., 'OMG...I saw poo! Can you clean that, please!' and passing out meds? Just seems pretty boring.
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    CNA in long term care for almost six years this fall and in an hospital for four this fall.
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    10 years pre hospital as an EMT-B. 3 years as an ER tech (NA that works in ER), now work as NA and Desk clerk for 4 years in September on a critical care floor. I'm guessing that my experience being an EMT was good enough for my boss to hire me considering I am not certified through the state.