How long have you been at your job?

  1. How long have you been in your current position, and how long have you been a CNA for?

    I've been at my job since October 2007, and became a CNA in the summer of 2007.
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  3. by   Dorali
    I got my certification in April of 2009. Couldn't find a job in hospital, I didn't want to do LTC at the time. Got pregnant, afraid to do LTC then. So I didn't actually start working until March of 2010. I've been at this job, my first, since then so a year and almost 3 months. I wouldn't trade the things I've learned here for a million dollars. I think everyone should give LTC a try, even it's just for a little while. There's more to it than just cleaning up poop.
  4. by   KB24
    I've been at my current job since the summer of 2010.
  5. by   fuzzywuzzy
    3 years as a CNA and 3 years at my current nursing home job, although before I got certified I had a couple private duty jobs doing personal care- that's what turned me onto CNA work in the first place. Before that I didn't even know what a CNA was.
  6. by   yousoldtheworld
    I've been an aide for 5 years...I've worked at my current job for a year. And it's the first job I can see myself staying for years to come.
  7. by   Nelle84
    Been a CNA since march 2011, been at my current job since april 2011
  8. by   MedChica
    Since Sept of 2010.
    I'm still at my first job and will be here until the 12th mth mark, at which point, I'll start applying to the hospital.
    I could've moved sooner but I got 'settled'. I like my residents...and I'm just used to everything at my facility.
    I'm kinda 'loyal'. I'm the sort that really hates changing jobs. Where it pertains to employment, I don't like 'change'.
    ...but, I gotta move soon because my nursing home only offers PRN and I need PT.

    But...I'd agree. Folks should give LTC a try. It'is interesting. I didn't think I'd like it. I thought it'd be depressing. I thought the residents would all be sitting around depressed, sad and awaiting death...*laugh* but, they aren't.
    Just a shame that we're so chronically under-staffed and can't spend MORE time with them.

    I don't think I'd want to stay LTC as a nurse, though. I need to be in an ER or somewhere else...putting out proverbial 'fires'. *laugh*
    ...and it's not that our nurses are lazy. They do their job, but...well - what does it consist of but charting, delegating, i.e., 'OMG...I saw poo! Can you clean that, please!' and passing out meds? Just seems pretty boring.
  9. by   blackandyellow
    CNA in long term care for almost six years this fall and in an hospital for four this fall.
  10. by   Steve EMT-B
    10 years pre hospital as an EMT-B. 3 years as an ER tech (NA that works in ER), now work as NA and Desk clerk for 4 years in September on a critical care floor. I'm guessing that my experience being an EMT was good enough for my boss to hire me considering I am not certified through the state.