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    please help me out... I really want to start cna classes in september:heartbeat. but I really dont want to waste my time or money... I need to know what you think about how easy it would get a job as a cna during these tough economy times or even just in general?? My bf who always has something negative say had something to say about how i may sit at home for a year before I find a job! frankly I think it would be quite easy because I'm sure cnas are always needed. I was so excited about starting classes until he put his 2cents in. now I'm worried. I want to give it a try anyway, but I dont want him to say I told you so. I just really wish that he would just support me. Is there anyone out there who has gotten certified as a cna and with no luck with find a job yet? If so how long have you been looking? I'm in St Louis MO. anyone else????

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    How badly do you need that wet blanket?
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    No one says you have to quit your current job or do something besides CNA while you're looking. So what if it does take a year? Work somewhere else while you look. I don't know what your bf's problem is.
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    The biggest problem I am having is that no one wants to hire a newbie.....Everyone wants at least a years experience but I can get any experience because no one will hire.............But I keep trucking along hoping someone will give me a chance...meanwhile I volunteer at a LTC and am going to school for my RN ADN
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    Contact your State dept of Health. Get a list of your local, authorized, training facilities. Pick out those that are colleges (rather than LTC facilities) and go online to check their graduate employment statistics (or call them).

    I you have already chosen a college ask what their graduate employment record is for this qualification.

    Get some job sites to see how many CNA jobs are advertised in your area that accept new CNAs.

    Also, even if there are not many jobs there is a lot you can do to make yourself a preferred candidate. I was offered a job on the spot by the facility in which I did my clinical experience -- so when you do the class be as professional as you can, make nice with the instructor (he/she might give you a nice reference) and make REALLY nice when on clinical site.

    Your boyfriend sounds charming...not. Just do the class and ignore him. You will be fine and I am sure you will get a job quite quickly.

    I support you and wish you luck!

    Come back and let us know how it works out.
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    my cna course starts monday july 6th (it’s a required pre-req for most of the nursing schools here). it’s a full-time two week state approved course as well as 32 hours of clinical. the class does not offer job placement but they do have job listings for new graduate/state licensed cnas. i’ve also heard that a lot of students get hired on with the facilities they did clinicals with…

    ltc facilities in our area are always in need of cnas… most hospitals prefer 1 year experience w/current certification as a nursing assistant or home health aide or proof of completion of the first semester of an approved nursing education program…

    i love this website for local job listings:

    here are listings for missouri:

    i agree with the above poster to check out your state department of workforce development.

    hospitals usually post their job openings on their websites... offering to volunteer is a great way to get your foot in the door at your local hospitals… when they see what a hard worker you are they’ll be more apt to hire you without 1 years experience.

    don’t worry about your boyfriends 2 cents… i’m sorry your boyfriend is not more supportive of your choices… do what is best for you. you have your best interest at heart best wishes & good luck!!
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    Check out your local newspapers to see how many jobs for CNAs are in the help wanted ads. This will give you an idea of what is available to you in your area, within a 30 to 40 mile radius.

    Some assisted living facilities do not require you to have your CNA to work there. You could possibly work at one to gain some of the required experience you need after you get your certification. It will be simple tasks such as assisting residents to the restroom, handing out meal trays, making beds, etc...

    Your BF should be more encouraging, this is an important step you are thinking about. You do what you want to do. It's YOUR life, not his. Do your research and present it to him and tell him, "This is what I'm going to do."

    Best of luck! You can do it!
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    There are jobs out there for CNAs or STNAs, don't listen to your boyfriend. Some places will even pay for your class. Call around and ask. FYI, be professional when calling, be in a quiet room. I used to work in HR and was amazed at how people would call with the tv blaring or kids screaming in the background. And one had call waiting and put ME on hold.
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    Don't worry about what your bf says. I just finished my CNA course today and before I started I called my local hospitals/facilities and found out which ones hire newbies. My CNA instructor also gave us a list of facilities that do. Doing some research may will give you piece of mind. Good luck!
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    Quote from fuzzywuzzy
    No one says you have to quit your current job or do something besides CNA while you're looking. So what if it does take a year? Work somewhere else while you look. I don't know what your bf's problem is.
    your right thanks alot for the advice!

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