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please help me out... I really want to start cna classes in september:heartbeat. but I really dont want to waste my time or money... I need to know what you think about how easy it would get a job as a cna during these tough economy times or even just in general?? My bf who always has something negative say:uhoh3: had something to say about how i may sit at home for a year before I find a job! frankly I think it would be quite easy because I'm sure cnas are always needed. I was so excited about starting classes until he put his 2cents in. now I'm worried. I want to give it a try anyway, but I dont want him to say I told you so. I just really wish that he would just support me.:cry: Is there anyone out there who has gotten certified as a cna and with no luck with find a job yet? If so how long have you been looking? I'm in St Louis MO. anyone else????

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I think you should do it and dont mind your boyfriend. If it takes you longer to find a job, well at least you went through the class and now can fill applications everywhere to you find one. Good luck!

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