ged or high school diploma for cna?

  1. I plan to start cna classes soon. My best friend wants to take them with me, but she doesnt have her ged or high school diploma. I know that the two schools I've got info from has told me that you do not need a ged or high school diploma to take the classes. I didnt ask them but I was wondering if that meant that she would also be able to become certified? and, or will It have an effect on her when trying to apply for a job. I know that most employers want you to have at-least a high shool diploma or ged. but I've heard of many cnas not having either. I was thinking that since cna is such a high demanding feild that It would be easy for her to get a job regardless! after-all she is a really great loving and caring person. and I'm sure she will make a great cna.
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  3. by   atla
    With my CNA class, we only had to have graduated 8th grade. But I'd check with your individual program.
  4. by   teysmith
    thanks. good info.
  5. by   GN Dave
    While your friend is in the academic mood, why not schedule the GED test? It would help her in many areas of her life...

  6. by   KimberlyRN89
    With the CNA programs I checked out, you had to have a GED or HS diploma. I agree with ZAP SN, taking the GED test wouldn't hurt Good luck to you & your friend !
  7. by   teysmith
    yes indeed! she it enrolled in classes now. Its interesting how having a ged or high school diploma is not required. I would be important to have being in such a feild. but I also think that there should be many more programs that offer training to those without diplomas, because many people left school for man reason. some good and some bad. And there are so many people trying so hard to get their geds. But I can tell you its hard work, coming from someone who has been there.
  8. by   CNAMichelle
    I just became a CNA and I didnt need my GED......although I am now taking the GED test alsoI just decided to "better my self" because I'm seriously considering becoming an LPN. anyway most places around here dont require a GED for a job,but some hospitals do.
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  9. by   teysmith
    really good info. thanks alot Michelle. I would like to know was it easy for you to get a job?
  10. by   TheCommuter
    I'm in Texas, where a 9th grade education is all that is needed in order to enroll in CNA training classes.
  11. by   CNAMichelle
    Hi,I got certified on 2/12 and I dont have a job yet,but...I have only applied to 2 places so far,matter of fact I'm taking an application back to a place today(nh)
  12. by   teysmith
    I really hope that It will be easy for me to find a job. I'm in st louis and we have a lot of places!
  13. by   roses246
    It would be good to have a GED even though you don't need it right now. Later if your friend wants to advance further, it will be a must have.
  14. by   V9611
    To get into my CNA class I had to bring a copy of my High School Diploma, or you would have to take a TABES EXAM....