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  1. I ended up taking my class here as well. I also liked the instructor. Most days class let out WAY early, which was inconvenient for me because I couldn't depend on a schedule for public transportation from the suburbs. The tests were all very easy and I passed the class & exams with flying colors. I also had clinicals at St. Paul's. Didn't get an opportunity to do a whole lot except change resident's incontinence products when in bed, making beds, a little dressing, plenty of feeding, and talking to the residents. CareerChanger2009, did you meet a little blind lady there whose name starts with A? (Don't wanna post it here.) She was my favorite :) She was in isolation my first couple of times there, but out by the end of my clinicals and doing much better.
  2. atla

    Want to be trained as a CNA/PCT.

    Lol, no. I adore Grey's. I just wanted to point something out. You said you regret not getting into the field earlier. Remember the recent Grey's episode where the couple came in, and all the male interns and young residents kept coming up and asking the guy what was wrong. The guy kept saying "No, not him. Not him." Then the chief walked in and the guy said "Him! Finally, someone who isn't a kid." He had lost a.. recreational item in his rectum, remember? That's one good thing to starting later! I think if you become a nurse or what-have-you in your 30s, your 30s, you'll still give the impression of having more experience and maturity and that will make your patient's more comfortable!
  3. atla

    Want to be trained as a CNA/PCT.

    rdstrasser, do you watch Grey's Anatomy?
  4. atla

    McHenry County College

    Does anyone have an idea of how hard it is to get accepted into their ADN program? Thanks =)
  5. atla

    Want to be trained as a CNA/PCT.

    I'm glad you took the first step. Sometimes, that's the hardest one :) Let us know how it goes, and if you get accepted!
  6. It's Wednesday DId you get a chance to go? Did you get an interview?
  7. atla


    Glad to hear things are going better :)
  8. atla

    Want to be trained as a CNA/PCT.

    Hi, I'm Stephanie, 23, just became a CNA. My mom has been a nurse (LPN then RN) for 12 years, and was a CNA before that. She has spent her entire career in Geriatrics, first LTC facility then home health. When I decided to take a CNA course, it was mostly to get out of telemarketing and try out the field of nursing. I thought that I'd like it, but vowed not to spend a lot of time in Geriatrics, like my mom. I figured I'd put my year in, then go to a hospital. When I started the class, my instructor said she'd tried a lot of different specialities, but found her passion in Geriatrics. Inwardly, I thought she might be crazy. I can see stability in Geriatrics.. but passion? No way. Then I started clinicals. My first love was a little blind lady. She had MRSA and was in isolation. So I dutifully put on my PPE and hung out with her while she ate, letting her know what food was what and where her fork was. She always wanted an extra cookie, and I always went out of my way, donned my extensive PPE, just to check on her every couple of hours. She was pretty lonely, being in isolation. My last clinical day she was no longer isolated, and looked so amazing. It was great to see her like that. My second love was a lady who I never saw outside of the dining room. I was never working with the CNA who was assigned to her, but she really needed a lot of encouragement to eat, so each clinical day I took the time to sit with her for a few minutes and chat with her, encouraging her to take a bite every now and again. Each bite was a little victory. Another lady, who I never really got the chance to work with or bond with, I still found amazing. Her whole room was covered with her art, and she had a canvas set up to paint. When I complimented her on my favorite, which was a trapeze artist, she told me that she used to be a trapeze artist in her younger years. She was pretty old, but still quite able-bodied. I guess all that exercise paid off! Each day when I went home, I worried about the residents. When I finished clinicals, I was surprised to find myself sad about not being able to work there, since it was over an hour away. After clinicals, I applied to 8 different facilites, including LTC and ALF, but no hospitals. I took the first job I got offered, at an ALF in an alzheimer's/dementia unit. Now I work with 24 elderly residents who will never remember my name. Each day is a first impression. My favorite will ask me every day where I'm from, why I moved to IL, if I'm married. Another will ask me hourly why she's there, how she got there, how old she is. Each time she'll be surprised. There is another gentleman that I shower every morning, and I can tell what kind of day he's going to have by how well he can tie his shoes. Some days it's heartbreaking. Every day, it's rewarding. Would I still like to try different specialties when I become an RN? Sure. Am I just biding my time in Geriatrics until I have enough experience for a hospital, definitely not. I love my residents, and will be terribly sad to leave them. (So much that I've considered trying to work there when I become an RN, lol.) Anyway, I guess I'm just trying, at length, to echo what azcna said. Don't write off geriatrics until you've tried it. You might be surprised.
  9. atla

    CNA's graduating in March-April!

    Hey. Just got back from court. $228 in fees, 120 days "supervision" (which means I just can't get any tickets or anything), and 4 hours of driving school. The people I hit haven't contacted my insurance co., and they weren't there, so I don't guess they plan on doing anything. *crosses fingers* Coulda been lots worse.
  10. atla

    CNA's graduating in March-April!

    I have liability insurance, so it will cover any medical bills for them up to $25k. I'm sure I'll get lots of court costs and fines, though. It could be worse, though :) Thanks for your well wishes!
  11. atla

    CNA's graduating in March-April!

    I feel you, Shante. Just 3 days after completing my CNA course, I rear-ended a hummer in my little Chevy Prizm. My fault I was on my way to my first interview for a CNA position, and had to call to reschedule. Thankfully, they let me and I'm working there now! Their car was fine, but mine was totalled. $3500 was the starting estimate to get it repaired I ended up buying a 2002 Daewoo Nubira for a reasonable amount, but am having to pay monthly as I borrowed it from my mom's savings. My court date is tomorrow! They're claiming personal injury to their child who was in a car seat, though they didn't go to a hospital or anything. So I guess we'll see how that goes.
  12. atla


    There probably isn't a huge difference. In my area, classes ranged from $500 to $900. Some were only 4 weeks, other were 3 months (community college). But they all teach you what you need to know to pass the state exam, and you get clinical time in all of them. Pick depending on your schedule or finances, or whatever applies to you. I wanted to get done and get a job ASAP, so I took a 4 week class, that was about $800, plus supplies.
  13. atla

    ged or high school diploma for cna?

    With my CNA class, we only had to have graduated 8th grade. But I'd check with your individual program.
  14. atla

    Part time CNA Job

    It's really easy to find a part time position on the weekends here, but benefits are usually a no-go. Though where I work, they offer benefits to anyone who normally works at least 20 hours per week.
  15. atla

    Bad Economy and CNA jobs

  16. atla

    New LPN would like CNA input please

    I don't have a lot of experience, so the only thing I can add is just LISTEN to your CNAs. If they're telling you that there's something abnormal with a pt, don't turn your back and start writing on someone elses chart and say "uh huh.." and leave it at that. Listen. Assure us that the resident will get checked on, or you're already aware of it, or whatever. We care about those residents too.