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  1. roses246

    Cheating in the Classroom

    Some time ago, I was taking some courses, I was seated at the very front row across from the instructor's desk so I was able to see most of what the other students did when they came to the front of the class. All of us were advised to wash our hands after each break. The sink was located directly behind the instructor's desk. Every once in a while, some of the students would walk up to the sink to wash their hands, at the same time they would take a glance over to her desk. The cheaters would copy the answers and share with others in the back of the class. One day they copied the answers for the wrong test.
  2. roses246

    Reading test?

    In all the tests I have ever taken, reading is mainly comprehension. You will find questions like, what was the author's tone, what is the main idea, if you had to give a topic, what will it be...Most of the answers are in multiple choice.
  3. roses246

    What can I do?

    I would start looking in to finding a new job, rather than staying in what sounds like a nightmare..... Years ago, a sweet old lady I was caring for told me, always think about what would be best for me when it comes to making choices that would impact on my future....
  4. roses246

    Failed test please help !!!!!

    A friend of mine failed part of her nursing RN process.... "She is now between a rock and a hard place". She thinks she would have to take the LPN test:bow: before she can continue her ADN. Please help. Thanks !!!!!
  5. roses246

    Sheridan Technical LPN Program 2009

    Did you study before taking the TABE or you just went and challenged it.
  6. roses246

    Desperate New LPN - Can't Find Job!!!!

    Sorry you are about two hours away from South Fla. There is a LTC that hires new LPNs on a regular basis. The reason they are always hiring, is because as soon as the new nurses gather enough experience, they move on to greener pastures.
  7. roses246

    Client Transport, & Home Health Aide

    Years ago when I used to work as a HHA, the agency allowed us to transport the clients in our own vehicle. I was assigned to a case where the client had her own car which was far better than mine... She started using me by asking me to go to the grocery store every day to pick up an onion, a head of lettuce, sometimes a tomato. I had to take her in my car to the beauty shop and doctor's appointments, while her car was sitting in front of her house. Even though the agency paid me for mileage and gas, I felt being taken for a ride (pun intended). One day I asked, why I cannot take her in her own car since mine had an over heating problem, she told me she wanted to give her car to a family member. I told her the air conditioner is not working, she said she didn't care, she didn't mind having the windows down. ....This is Florida where the weather is in the high 90's... I became adamant, I called my agency and told them I wanted to be taken off the case while explaining the situation...She said if I cannot drive her around in my car, I am not doing anything for her.....I kindly asked her to signed my paper work and left.....After that, I found an agency where part of their rule was,never under any circumstances are you suppose to take any client or family member in your vehicle while working on contract for them. You can travel with the patient in a car that is driven by a family member, or taxi. Those were the days.
  8. roses246

    Dansko clogs

    I bought my first pair of Danskos in 1999, they lasted a good five years and I swore these were the best shoes I had ever worn. They were made in Belgium. A couple months ago, I decided to purchase online at Shoe Central. Even though I ordered a size bigger than what I normally where, I couldn't get used to them so I returned them for an exchange. By the way, these Danskos are now being made in China so the sizing is a little different. I am now happy with my purchase. I have the "Ingrid" brand.
  9. roses246

    CNA/ PCA whats the difference?

    I used to work as CNA in a LTC facility. I wanted to work in the hospital setting. So I went back to school, where I took EKG/Phlebotomy combine total of 600 hrs of classroom and clinicals. I am now certified as a Phlebotomist, EKG Tech and can work as a Monitor Tech. I chose not to work as a Monitor Tech because I cannot sit for 12 hrs per shift.
  10. You could call or go to ATC, I am sure they will guide you. After taking TABE and scoring 11's in each subject area yes, there are special dates set up for the TEAS.
  11. roses246

    ged or high school diploma for cna?

    It would be good to have a GED even though you don't need it right now. Later if your friend wants to advance further, it will be a must have.
  12. roses246

    New LPN would like CNA input please

    I used to work for a LTC where the LPN's would look for you up and down the halls to tell you your Pt call lights were on. One time my supervisor saw a pt sliding out of a chair, she checked to see who he was assigned to. She came down the hall to find me in another pt's room with my glove hands full of doo- doo, only to tell me the pt was sliding out the chair. I don't think that made any sense whatsoever. Now that I am in a hospital setting, working as a PCA while going to shool for LPN, there is a huge difference in how the patients are being cared for. Every one answers call lights,:chuckle from CRT, Monitor Techs, EVS even the nurse in charge.