do you keep a copy of your cna license in your wallet?

  1. Just curious if anyone does this..thanks
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  3. by   Miiki
    My state doesn't issue certificates. You can buy one, but I don't see the purpose of it. Being on the online registry is much more important.
  4. by   Kdrenee
    Mine is a little laminated license the size of my ID, so yes.
  5. by   BuckyBadgerRN
    In my state, CNA's aren't LICENSED. Not sure of which states DO license their CNA's.
  6. by   Kdrenee
    I'm in Texas, and they give us a license, but I dont think we're considered "licensed." Not real sure though.. Registry is all that matters.
  7. by   WoundedBird
    I keep it in my 'life binder' with all of my other important documents like SS card, marriage certificate, birth certificate, and all of my other professional cards (CPR, responsible alcohol service, athletic training certification, etc.) it stays locked in the safe and only comes out when it's needed. The hubbs has his own with all of his important stuff too. Each document has its own page protector thing but all of the ID card sized things are in a page with openings that size.
  8. by   i_love_patient_care
    I only keep it in my wallet when I'm working PRN through an agency. Sometimes hospitals need to photo copy it and they get all weird if you don't have it. Other than that I keep it at home in my important papers.
  9. by   sixela21
    Quote from ColleenRN2B
    In my state, CNA's aren't LICENSED. Not sure of which states DO license their CNA's.
    No need to be sarcastic--we all know what is being asked here. I do not keep my registry card in my wallet, for the most part. I have an actual paper certification--proof that I finished the training hours and a small paper card with my registry number on it. It does, however, have a disclaimer on it stating that the card itself is still not proof that the person is a CNA listed on the registry--the registry would have to be contacted directly to validate that information. If I am going to an interview or someone needs to see it for those purposes, I bring it with me. Usually with online applications, they just ask for the certification number, so I keep it at home with important papers.