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I'm just curious, because I'm working as a CNA and am really having doubts about whether or not nursing is for me anymore. For now, I'll blame it on the fact that I'm new and am HATING life. I hope it improves. What was your... Read More

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    No. If anything being a STNA has made me want to work harder to further my education
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    You'll love that you've been a CNA when you become a nurse! So much of bedside nursing makes me call on my skills learned while working as a CNA!
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    I personally hate being a CNA!! I have no interest in working with the elderly unfortunately hospitals around my area require years of experience or usually you need to be recommended in to the hospital. So i was stuck working in a LTC until now and hated every minute of it. It hasnt discouraged me its pushed me to work harder because i know im capable of much more and refuse to stay as a CNA. ive met ppl who just settle for being a CNA i know i couldn't. just remember there is many many aspects of nursing many seem to forget about ! its like nursing screams old people to almost anyone
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    A CNA and a RN are totally different sets of roles.

    Hating being a CNA should not stop you from wanting to become an RN. It should push you to want to hurry and get your RN so that you are no longer the worker bee, you are the supervisor. Being a CNA you are limited in your care when as an RN you are providing full care. CNA is only a stepping stone to higher and should not be a reason you don't pursue nursing school. I feel anyone who is allows CNA to cause them to not want to do nursing is not really cut out for nursing period because that is not a good excuse. A CNA who wants to purse nursing needs to pursue their goals so they no longer have to do the CNAs job. To me CNA is not a career, its a stepping stone towards nursing.

    My opinion.
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    In high school I took a CNA course and we did internships in both a local nursing home and hospital. I loved CNA training and I thought the hospital internship was interesting but hated the nursing home, so much that I decided nursing wasn't for me. Now 17 years later I am looking to change careers into nursing and plan to take a CNA course at some point in the future but fear I will get discouraged again. I am hoping to have a better experience this time around
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    I hated being CNA. UGH!! Being a CNA motivated me to go back to school more than anything ever in my life at that time. CNA was definitely definitely not for me. God forbid, but if anything ever happens and i dont have nursing licensure anymore or cant work as a licensed nurse professional anymore....i will work fast food before i ever degrade myself with CNA work....no offense but IJS.
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    Quote from mso819
    Being a CNA motivated me to go back to school more than anything ever in my life at that time.
    Agree...went back to school and became an LPN...was motivated to go back to get my RN...I will say having the ability to do MORE for my patients makes me enthusiastic in my career...but my CNAs are my lifeline as well.
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    Becoming a CNA helped me figured out that I love nursing! I had thought about doing nursing school but decided a year after high school, that I really wasn't sure. A few months later, I got pregnant with my son. I needed to do something to get a good job and FAST! I also figured maybe I would good into nursing later on because it's recession-proof and pays pretty good. So I became a CNA and discovered that I actually absolutely love it!!!! I love my job, my patients, all the thinking involved, the multi-tasking, and I work with great RN's. This is truly my calling and passion! I start nursing school in January . I plan to continue my education up to getting my DSN and becoming a FNP! As a sidenote: I definitely prefer working in the hospital over a nursing home. I worked 5 months in a nursing home and have been working at a hospital for 7 months now.
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    For me I would have to say ABSOLUTELY. Me and my friend were both thinking to be nurses so I became a cna first to see if it is for me because I wasn't completely sure and didnt want to go through the trouble and then find out I didn't like it afterwards. I actually figured out nursing was not for me on my first week as a cna. I'm still a cna, but just as a job on the side of school now. However, I am on track to be a speech pathologist which I am excited and extremely interested in.
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    To the OP....being a CNA made me NOT want to be a CNA!! Being a nurse is a totally diff ballgame. I am a nurse now and i enjoy it. But i hated HATED being a CNA. Ugh!! Soooooo glad i got out of that. Although i will occasionally work as a CNA now that i am a nurse,which i dont mind doing because i do it when i WANT not because it my job description. No offense to all the CNA's out there, you guys are wonderful and deserve medals of honor, but i couldnt make a career out of it. Sorry.

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