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  1. cdsavannah59

    Fired By My Patients

    I'm a PCT, As I was taking a patient's blood pressure she asked me "Do you like my nurse". I was surprised by her question but knew I had to answer it professionally so I said yes I like her. The patient then replied " My nurse is very book smart and good at her job but she lackes empathy, she's cold as ice and I think she's in the wrong profession" After I left the patient's room I thought to myself that girl just hit the nail on the head with that comment. The nurse she was referring to was as cold acting to staff that weren't part of her circle of friends and although she is smart she has no social personality. It's hard to determine why your patient's feel the way they do, but it may be how you relate to them. Patient's just want know that you actually do care how about their health issues etc and not a act like a human machine just doing her job.
  2. cdsavannah59

    New Nurse feeling very down

    I'm sure some nurses thrive on making the new nurse feel incompetent. Always remain professional in front of her, look and feel confident and try to get to know her. Tell her you respect her knowledge and would love to have her show you how to be a good nurse. Chances are once she sees your confidence and even starts to like your personality, she will then start to teach you in a more professional manner.
  3. cdsavannah59

    Nursing is the Biggest Mistake of My Life

    Try working as a student nurse PCT while you are finishing school. The hospital I work at usually hires them as a nurse once they graduate. It's the easier way to get into the hospital you want to work as a nurse.
  4. cdsavannah59

    Hospital security & patient falls

    The bed alarm should of been set.
  5. cdsavannah59

    Patient Care Technicians of Atlanta Ga

    Wages depend on who hired you, I am a PCT and don't make as much you do. I'm in GA also. The hospital I work at seems more concerned about profits then employee wages. I have only earned a 10 cent increase in two years.
  6. cdsavannah59

    Stuck myself with dirty needle - please help.

    Regarding my previous post. Drug screening on those injured on the job can also be just company policy. My friend had two work injuries over the last few years, nothing major, no time off work, no work comp payments, just a injury. One employer required drug testing the other did not.
  7. cdsavannah59

    Stuck myself with dirty needle - please help.

    The law states ( not sure what States have this law) a drug screening is done on those injured on the job. If someone test positive for drugs or alcohol, the law creates a presumption that intoxification or the influence of drugs was the cause of the injury, which means you can't get work comp benefits. I was severely bitten by a special needs patient and one of the requirements by occupational health was a drug screen to make sure I wasn't under the influence of drugs when I was injured even though it was clearly no fault on my part.
  8. cdsavannah59

    What to do when coworkers exclude you?

    I am the complete opposite. I have no desire to go on social outings with coworkers. I prefer to keep my work separate from my personal life.
  9. The cost of lab work for employers to screen you at a hospital such as urine sample or blood work a lot of these posts on here say they are expensive and not cost effective for hospital to test a lot of the new hires, employees for certain drugs. I'm betting the hospital gets a good decrease in lab fees and or since it's their hospital and the run the labs themselves it might not cost them anything other then the supplies needed to do the testing, just my opinion.
  10. cdsavannah59


    A new DON who probably finds a little joy in terminating new nurses to make them feel inferior in their nursing skills. Trust how you felt when you said you felt a calmness sweep over you after being terminated. He would of made your job miserable.
  11. cdsavannah59

    Ethical dilemma

    One thing I learned about working for a doctor in new private practice, is that some of them will use you only to get the practice stable, once it's stable financially they have no problem replacing people who were there the whole time helping to get the office up and running smoothly. I once worked for a doctor at a hospital for two years when he decided to go into private practice and asked several of his staff to quit the hospital with him and join his private practice, telling us when he profits, we will all profit financially. Well that profit for the employees never happened after he became successful. A year later when the staff that went with him to private practice asked him about the raise he promised us at one year in new practice. His response " If any one of you don't like what you make on your paycheck you can leave because I got many people who want your jobs and you can be replaced. Long story short, he used the staff who worked for the hospital with him to help him get his private practice started, once it was successful, he said we were replaceable. So in my opinion if your doctor don't care enough about his bills etc then trust your instincts or else you will probably end up jobless soon with no resources of income until someone else hires you. That's what happened to me, after a total of seven and a half years dedicated years altogether of working my butt off for him, he terminated my employment when I told him to not yell at me in front of patients, that was something that should be done in private. When I left there was only one girl that remained still employed out of the 5 girls that quit the better paying job at the hospital to join him in private practice.
  12. cdsavannah59

    12hr shifts/alternating weekends?

    Twelve hour shifts are great for those that like several days off a week, me personally, my job is so exhausting from running those halls for 12 hours that my next day off is spent recovering by just lying around resting for my next shift lol.
  13. cdsavannah59

    New grad in Savannah, Richmond Hill, Hinesville

    The one on Dereene.
  14. cdsavannah59

    New grad in Savannah, Richmond Hill, Hinesville

    Savannah, the hospital I work at hires new grads it seems.
  15. cdsavannah59

    Fetal demise

    I work mother baby unit as a Tech, we were advised to not say anything unless the parents wanted to discuss it.
  16. cdsavannah59

    Any tips for placing a bedpan?

    If a patient is lying down and legs together while using a bedpan, the urine will sometimes run down their legs. Try putting the front part of bedpan a little farther down the the patients leg, with legs spread slightly and while ensuring that they still have proper back space coverage in case need to have a bowel movement. Make sure to hold the pan as they turn so you can remove bedpan. Have them lie flat while placing the bedpan and raise the head of the bed slightly after as it helps patients urinate and have bowel movements easier. In my opinion sitting slightly upwards ( if patient able) helps the urine flow downwards instead of dripping down the legs or back. Make sure to lower the head of the bed before removing bedpan.