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  1. cdsavannah59

    Fired By My Patients

    I'm a PCT, As I was taking a patient's blood pressure she asked me "Do you like my nurse". I was surprised by her question but knew I had to answer it professionally so I said yes I like her. The patient then replied " My nurse is very book smart and...
  2. cdsavannah59

    Nurse tech working as RN

    I'm shocked actually and I'm not a nurse lol. I'm a PCT who has known a few Nurse Tech's that didn't pass the first or maybe second try at NCLEX, but those few Nurse Techs did eventually pass the exam. I would think it's a totally illegal practice to...
  3. cdsavannah59

    Patient is a sex offender with a tracker on his ankle

    The patient still has a right to quality care by medical staff. Searching the internet for this mans personal background is the same as you opening a medical record that is none of your business. It's a ankle monitor and parole office will contact th...
  4. It depends on your area/state. As proven from all the posts on this subject here on AN. I work as a PCT in state that don't pay much at our local hospitals. During school for PCT I had been hearing and reading CNA/PCT is good paying job, well I learn...
  5. cdsavannah59

    Burn Technician vs Nursing Assistant in Mother Baby Unit

    I agree. I work in the mother/baby unit as the only PCT on shift. It is very repetitive and routine. Same every day, Vitals on both mom and baby, 25 doors to knock on to get vitals= 125 sets a vitals a day since nurse is first to do baby vitals. Seem...
  6. I told my boss I wanted to transfer units because the application asks if your current boss is aware you want transfer, I still haven't got a reply from any unit I applied to, makes me wonder if my boss isn't approving it if she's been contacted ju...
  7. cdsavannah59

    Drug urine test after 12 hour shift

    Here is a list of medications and how they can effect drug testing. substances_that_cause_false_positives [Wiki Drug Testing]
  8. cdsavannah59

    Drug urine test after 12 hour shift

    I did read a article online that on some urine testing a blue dye is added to toilet water to prevent a urine sample from being diluted with water.
  9. cdsavannah59

    Drug urine test after 12 hour shift

    Oh I agree, do not go back there. Also agree that you should stand up for and protect what you worked so long and hard to for, your license.
  10. cdsavannah59

    Drug urine test after 12 hour shift

    Why 3-5 days on results, at my job you get your results right there after they collect urine sample before your sent back to your work unit. Sending you home and saying they will contact you sounds fishy to me, they should of known the results before...
  11. cdsavannah59

    Drug urine test after 12 hour shift

    First off, what substance would they need to add to the water? My advice only and just my opinion but send them an email telling them you have hired an attorney ( even if you haven't) who will request copy of drug screen and what the substance was th...
  12. cdsavannah59

    Nursing student asks nurses the question..

    I work with a wonderful group of nurses and I've never had/seen this issue. But I do know many employees within the hospital system in various job fields that would agree that many nurses eat their young and are not as compassionate or just plain rud...
  13. cdsavannah59

    Anyone successfully challenge the boards?

    Organized Chaos, you seem like a cool nurse to work for. I'm a CNA/PCT and I know better then to step outside my job description.
  14. cdsavannah59

    Anyone successfully challenge the boards?

    No actually I find you very entertaining tonight:) anyhow good luck on your job searches.
  15. cdsavannah59

    Anyone successfully challenge the boards?

    This post is why you have people commenting on you stepping out of the scope of your practice, you started the debate.