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    Hi all, relatively new here... just thought I'd get a general consesus as to how much everyone is paying for their CNA classes (or have paid). I'm hoping this isn't too forward of a question, I'm just trying to figure something out.

    The class I've enrolled in is a 6.5 month long course, 2 of which are clinicals. Classes are every week day, for 4 hours each day. Clincals are 5 days a week for 7 hours a day.
    The cost of my course is $5900.00.... thats more then the community colleges in my area. I was wondering, if this was standard across the board, or how the prices are.

    Anyway, I again hope that wasn't too forward and hope to hear from you!

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    This is a ripoff. My course cost around $45, most of which covered the cost of the textbook. Most courses cost from $600 to $900 on average and that is too much as far as I'm concerned.
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    6 thousand dollars??? Oh hell no. Mine was $800 at a community college and that's expensive but it's the only place to go around here. $5900 is 2-3x as much as you would take for 12 CREDIT hours at that same college.

    Are you sure you signed up for a CNA class and not like a medical assisting program or something? 6.5 months is a long time. Mine was 100 hours.

    You won't make enough money as a CNA to justify spending that much money on the class.
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    That's wayyyy to much!!! possibly you accidentally added an extra zero? or perhaps your not talking about cna classes.. Here at the community college you can take the cna classes for $350 and at a technical school for $590! not to mention the nursing home programs that offer the classes for free!!
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    Man i don't know where ya'll live but i am glad i don't live there. Here the class is like 110 dollars. And the book is 75. Then you have your scrubs and stuff. Then the state test is 95 dollars. I am in north carolina
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    Like a fool I paid $ 1,300 at a trade school, later found out the local community college cost $ 320. I also found out that there were several things that I could have done to lower my tuition at the trade school like - not take thier BP Cuff, stethascope(sp), thermometer, uniform, shoes(all marked up). It was all presented as a package deal and I did not know any better. `- In my state TX - if you qualify for food stamps the state will pay your tuition-so check with them and your unemployment office.
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    I'm not entirely sure if it is a CNA course to be completely honest... I assumed. The title of the course is Health Care Aide.
    This is the website for the program. Unfortunately there aren't any other courses aside from the LPN course offered at the Community College local to me. I can't travel at the moment either, so that limits me big-time. I didn't realize the difference is cost was so much. I dunno.
    The only plus I guess is that we get the textbook, scissors, name tag and $20.00 towards our uniform included. They also have excellent recommendations from the local hospital, LTC and retirement home (I called), and have a 100% health care employment rate.

    And no, unfortunately I didn't accidentally put another zero on the end... wish I did though.

    EDIT - I'm located in New Brunswick, Canada.... if that helps at all.
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    Yep, sounds like a CNA course. The chapters described come right from the Mosby's Nursing Assistant book we used, here in FL. Wow, I'm terribly sorry that this is costing you so much. About the only good thing you've mentioned is the 100% employment rate. But like the other poster said, you won't be making enough as a CNA to justify that cost. Or maybe they're paid ALOT better up there? How much does a new CNA make in Canada???
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    Um... as far as I can tell, the average starting pay for a Canadian CNA is around $29,900 a year, so about $15 something a year. Which isn't bad at all. Especially where I come from. Obviously I may not get that amount right out of the gate, but who knows? It's definitly better then working at Blockbuster :P.
    And like ChunLiomyRn2b said, the really good thing about it all is the 100% employment. I want to get into the field as quickly as possible, unfortunately this seems to be my only option until the 2010-2011 school year. I'm hopefully going to be starting my LPN bridging to an RN afterwords that year.
    I don't know... at the very least, Student loan will more the likely cover the cost, and I have money saved up if need be. I just hope it's worth the money!
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    Mine was just under $900 and it's been worth every penny. I have an amazing instructor and feel I've definately gotten my money's worth. 6k? WAY too much!

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