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I just found out my hospital takes all CNAs, PCAs, CSTs etc off the schedule when they pass their boards. I never thought about this until some coworkers were taken off the schedule in July. Fortunately everyone was offered a RN... Read More

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    My suggestion is to apply for the graduate nurse residencys offered at some jobs. Save as much money as possible now or pay as many bills down as you can now without it affecting your school work. I would also talk to your manager to see if there is anything you can do to ensure a job after graduation. Even with all these methods it may still not be enough but worth a try. Also please do not get pregnant like I did it makes the job finding process harder. Goodluck!

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    Ha Ha, no chance of getting pregnant. I talked to a nurse recruiter today, she said with 20 years in the O.R. they would love to have me, even with an ASN.
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    A lot will depend on the facility and state
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    I passed my NCLEX but yet to receive my license#. Everyone on my floor knows I passed including my manager and I start working as an RN in September. My manager hasnt said anything about me being taken off schedule though...
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    It really depends on where you work. The way it was explained to me is that if something happened you are held to your highest license even if you are working as an CNA.
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    I knew a PCA at the VA hospital I worked at when I was in the registry who was a RN and had passed the NCLEX, but couldn't find a RN job. This was about a year ago, but it isn't uncommon, and there was another hospital I worked at with LVNs who had the same situation.
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    This is not the practice my hospital system uses. We have several PST's (CNA on steroids) now that have all finished school, passed their boards and are interviewing within our system for RN positions. They remain on the floor as techs, or monitor techs etc
    until they have secured a position.

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    My employer can't afford to lose anymore techs! As long as I'm there and willing to work, I still have a job. I passed July 18 and I still work there. I didn't realize you can't work as a tech/CNA after passing the boards! I'm a unit secretary too. Well, I guess my manager is turning a blind eye to it because we need the help.
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    Not out here in SoCal, you can still hold a CNA while you are a nurse. I am working as a CNA / MedTech, and I just passed my boards. I am allowed to keep working as a CNA as long as I want to its my choice.
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    I was/am a medical assistant prior to receiving my RN. I notified my work when I got my license on June 5th. They did hire me for an RN job but it doesn't start until sept so they told me I could continue my MA position until then. Even though I'm officially an RN, because my job title is currently MA until sept, I was told to just make sure I remain in the MA scope of practice until my job title officially changes. So I think it just depends on where you are and what type of job you had prior. Because an MA doesn't fall under a nursing umbrella, my license wasn't "taken over" by a higher level. Make sense?! A CNA is governed by board of nursing so they are no longer licensed as such and can't work below their license level. At least, that's how I had heard it works.

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