CNA school in Southern California

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    I am looking for a CNA school or program near North Hollywood, CA. I have heard some are accelerated to around 8 weeks.
    Are there some qualities in a CNA program that I should look for? Or do employers often not care where you got your CNA cert?

    Has anyone here attended one near this area? (Btw I have been looking everywhere for a list online of licensed CNA programs.)
    Something like this: (

    Thanks for reading and any help is greatly appreciated!

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    Sorry this is the wrong forum. I'm a little new here xD.
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    Hi, you may want to check out your local community colleges or any adult education centers in your area. Many of the community colleges in Southern California offer nurse assistant programs but they may not call them Certified Nurse Assistant programs. Good luck!
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    Thanks Grumpygs,
    I have been researching and found some options! Now financial aid is the only concern...
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    Not sure if you are planning on going to nursing school but in california one you are past your first semester of nursing school you are automatically qualified to work as a CNA. It would save you a bunch of money that way...?
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    Actually I am; sounds like that might be the better plan. Thanks.
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    Check with the nursing program you are wanting to attend. The nursing program I am trying to get into requires that you have a CNA license first.
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    Check LAUSDs Adult school. They offer 2 CNA programs. North and West Valley Occupatinal Centers offer classes. The rest are verry expensive.

    The Red Cross in Van Nuys charges $1500.00. I paid about as much.

    Waiting for the first semester of nursing school is a good idea.
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    The private schools are usually around 8 weeks. I checked into Kaplan before I went to a public supported vocational school (adult school) for my LVN and CNA. At the adult school I attended I had to take a semester pre-req course and then the semester CNA course. The CNA course was 5 days a week! This was in Santee in San Diego county. Both of those courses were the pre-reqs for my LVN school. I think those classes were great preparation for Vocational nursing.

    I was really surprised to see a CNA training program at a LTC near me. I was just checking the websites of LTC's in my area and it was stated on the web page that they will give you free CNA training. Check around in your area and see if maybe you can find the same thing.
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    Hi everyone!
    First, I want to thank you for the information you guys have provided. Faerie, I believe LTC's are what I will prioritize.

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