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  1. Any Registered Nurses that are state surveyors???

    This line of work fascinates me. I am 40 years old and just starting college.( I waited until my youngest started high school ) I'm doing my pre-reqs now for nursing. What steps do I take to get into this line of work? I'm wanting to be a nursing...
  2. cna online

    Sorry, my computer was down, and I just made it back to check the message board. Here is a link to their next class starting. and I was wrong, we have 45 hours of clinicals, not 6...
  3. cna online

    I'm taking my CNA class online. It starts Monday. All class time is online, but we do have clinicals that we have to go to, I think clinicals are 64 hours.
  4. Did you need a stethoscope when taking the class?

    Yes I am. I'm friends with several nurses, respiratory therapist and CNAs at our local hospital (we live in a small town) HR told me to come in and fill out an application as soon as I pass my class. They said they would pay me $11.96 starting out...
  5. Did you need a stethoscope when taking the class?

    Ok, I realize I'm not going to need one for class, but is this something I'm going to need if I get a job in a hospital? I'm not really sure what CNA's learn but I thought one of them was checking Blood pressure. And if I don't learn it in my CNA c...
  6. Will I learn this in CNA class?

    I have been looking at jobs on the hospital website. Every job for CNAs reads.... Basic Life Support required. CPI certification preferred. Is this something I will learn in CNA class or will I have to take other classes to get certification for CPI...
  7. I start CNA class next Monday. The only things on the list were scrubs and TB test. I asked the lady enrolling if we needed a stethoscope and she said she didn't think so. Is this something we are going to need? If so where do you buy them and ho...
  8. Best pre-req's to take over the summer!!

    I'm taking English Comp 1 and Psyc. Haven't signed up yet but after reading the post about all the papers that will be due, I might change my mind.
  9. CNA school in Southern California

    Check with the nursing program you are wanting to attend. The nursing program I am trying to get into requires that you have a CNA license first.
  10. I'm so undecided. I signed up at my college for the Radiology program. After talking to several of my friends that are nurses, I decided against it. They convinced me that there are not any jobs for radologist. I then decided maybe I would try t...
  11. What is the cost of Nursing school?

    I have several colleges in my area to pick from including 1 university that has a great nursing program. I went to check to see if I could get any help with the cost. I was turned down, even though I was laid off from my job last year, we still mad...
  12. I got my acceptance letter today!!

    Congrats!!! I can't wait for the day to get her that I get accepted into Nursing School!
  13. A good "congratulatory" gift for a nurse friend?

    here is the thread...
  14. A good "congratulatory" gift for a nurse friend?

    This was just discussed on another message board I visit. One gift suggested was to get her a "girls day out". Pick her up take her shopping, go to lunch and go get a pedicure or massage. They said she would be stressed, on her feet a lot and this wo...
  15. How can you tell if nursing is a good fit for you?

    I think you could get a job of CNA just about anywhere you wanted. I know a few that work in nursing homes and I have a friend that started working in a hospital as soon as she finished the course. They told me the places around here are begging fo...