CNA Pay/Other ?'s

  1. Hello all...

    I have a little bit of a dilemma...

    I am taking my prereq's to get into nursing school, but meanwhile Im working an 8-5 job that I really dont like..

    I want to get into the medical field, so I thought CNA would be a great choice..

    I have a couple questions

    1) I would want to work 3 12's.. Is that usually possible for new cna's?

    2) I currently make $13/hr, and I will be a brand new CNA.. Im willing to take a little bit of a paycut, but what did you start out at?..

    3) Do you like what you do? Pros/Cons?

    Thank yoU
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  3. by   arpeggiated
    I make $10.10/hr base pay at my hospital. I get a 20% shift diff to work nights, and about 13% to work weekends.

    I work 12's, and I can usually pick up some overtime... 2 extra shifts a month is nice in my paycheck.

    But things are different in nursing homes. Most LTC's here are 8 hour shifts, and pay less.
  4. by   DreamyEyes
    Hello! I can't really answer all of your questions personally, because I'm not a CNA....yet... But, like you, I'll be getting certified as a nursing assistant before I get into nursing school. I think the experience will be great before I start going to school...and it's a great job while you're in school because of the flexible hours. Two of my closest friends are both CNA's while they are in school, and they love it....they both make about 11-12 dollars an hour in nursing homes...but it also depends where you live.
  5. by   yousoldtheworld
    I started out at $8 an hour at a nursing home, BUT the place I work has some of the lowest pay in the area (Indiana) and most CNAs will start somewhere between 8-11. THe nursing home I work at offers you your choice of 12, 10, 8, 6, and 4 hour shifts. I don't know how flexible others are, when it comes to hours.
  6. by   aerorunner80
    As far as the hours go, it really depends on where you work. Hospitals do 12 hour shifts that are doable but I would not dream of doing a 12 hour shift in LTC.

    Hope that helps.
  7. by   newbeginnings07
    In my area LTC's offer 8 and 12hour shifts with a starting pay of $10.50-12.00/hr plus shift differential for 2nd and 3rd shifts,and PRN positions with premium pay of $13.00-16.00/hr
  8. by   DaughteroftheKing
    Quote from newbeginnings07
    In my area LTC's offer 8 and 12hour shifts with a starting pay of $10.50-12.00/hr plus shift differential for 2nd and 3rd shifts,and PRN positions with premium pay of $13.00-16.00/hr
    What state is this in? Do you like being a CNA? ...
  9. by   newbeginnings07
    Ohio....yes,I love it.It gets really stressful at times due to staffing demands and supervisors with bad attitudes constantly barking orders but the residents are all that really matter.It kinda feels like a whole facility full of grandparents(good and bad at times),a family environment LOL
  10. by   RN2B78
    hello I have been an STNA for the past 8 years an I am now making around 15 and hour but back in the day when I started it was 8/hour (talk about a overworked and underpaid haha) but a lot of places go based on your expeirience. its hard to tell but if you are in a bigger city of course you are going to make more but I think the average is somewhere around10-12 range
  11. by   natrgrrl
    I just started my first CNA job, making $9.50 for weekend days, 8 hr shifts. Other places pay more but I chose this LTC/Rehab facility because so many people actually get to go home from there so I assume they get excellent care. Hospitals in Omaha start around $10.50 for no experience.
    I know you are looking for comparable pay but make sure you look for a facility you will be happy working for.
  12. by   middlekane
    I get $11 an hour for 8 hour weekday shifts at an acute care hospital in MA. I get $1.50 more per hour for 8 hours on the weekends, $3 more for 12 hour shifts on the weekends, and double pay for hours over 12.