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certified LPN considering CNA/PCT/ or MA instead

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    I hope this thread isn't way off topic here. Long story short, took and passed my licensure for LPN back in August 2012 and have had ZERO luck finding employment. Getting desperate and considering strongly going back and doing more classes for a lower, yes lower, paying position. I was wondering if you all had any input on what would be the best route to go - CNA, Patient Care Technician, or Medical Assistant. I do have a strong administrative background and MA ties that in, no?

    Looking for some combination of inexpensive training, short program length, and the job that will help me gain experience in a hospital setting that may eventually lead to gainful nursing employment. If not, so be it and I'll wait until my RN is complete next year.

    Thanks for any and all input! (In the South Florida area if that is of any difference)

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    Have you tried applying for positions open to MA with your LPN Degree? I don't see why they wouldn't take you. If you are going to go back to school, you would be better off just getting your RN.
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    Thanks for responding 2BeQ; I have applied to a few postings although most request the MA certification, which if I understand correctly has different skills than LPNs (EKG, phlebotomy). I may try calling the FL BON today to see if an LPN can work as an MA without additional licensure, and perhaps actually *print* that out and bring it with me to interviews. Just in case
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    You *should* be able to apply as a PCT at a hospital as an LPN, and while MAs do have phlebotomy and EKG out of school- those are very trainable skills and I learned those along with becoming IV certified and peritoneal dialysis trained on the the job as an LPN. It's not worth incurring more debt in order to make yourself marketable for *just* those skills. Now, what may swing things in your favor- should you seriously consider returning to school- is getting started in an associates or baccalaureate of nursing program. Then, not only will you network with other nurses who may have connections, but it will likely become easier to get your foot in the door as a tech at an acute care facility after your first semester. Meanwhile, you may have to live off of work-study or loans but you will be better ahead in the long run. I am not familiar with Florida, but overall, that seems like a reasonable route to take considering your current state of employment. Blessings to you!
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    Aw I feel for you notyetnurse. The job market is TOUGH these days! I agree with the other posts that you should be able to do those jobs with your current license but good idea to check in with your BON. Dont give up though continue to apply anywhere and everywhere. Every once in awhile we hear stories of new grads landing their dream job so it is possible! Good luck

    Best regards,

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    Hi Kiyasmom and Smartypants, thanks to both of you for responding. Kiyasmom I will continue applying to schools because that is a good point - maybe if I am in an RN program it will seem more reasonable for me to be applying to other positions to gain experience AND I will start making those contacts again. And Smartypants thanks for the encouragement which is always appreciated!! It is a really tough market out there; looking around here makes me realize that. But we have to all have faith I think. Something's gonna give.

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    I know LPN positions are in high demand in nursing homes. But if you do go that route going to CNA remember you can always apply for another position in that establishment after 6 months to 1 year as an LPN. Good luck to you.
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    It's difficult to find employment as an MA and I don't know that you could find work as a CNA with a LPN license. I think that once you gain a license you are not able to work beneath that license. Don't bother trying to find work in a hospital, you won't. Focus on find work in LTC or even a doctor's office.
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    Look for work at LTC facilities. That is where the majority of LPN's in my area get hired.
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    I came across your post about an LPN applying for a PCT position for a Hospital in Florida. I have had the same question and thinking of going back into that direction. While I go to school for my RN. Did the Florida BON get back to you. I have called but know response as of today.
    Thank you for your time