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Hi all! I'm registered to start Chamberlain in Columbus, OH in the summer but have heard things about their degrees not transferring. So my question is does anyone know if I get my BSN at... Read More

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    Way back , I was in a state BSN program clinicals and all ,and was abused-treated like a number ,and ultimately had to go to another nursing school to recieve my ADN (93). So far, been riding the ADN at a Mega Magnet hospital for the last 13 years. Needless to say, the hospital introduced us ADNs to Chamberlain only paying for two classes a year ,and have been loving every bit of it. At Chamberlain , I am never treated like a number ,and I would have started sooner if I was not so traumatized from past nursing schools. Sure , I couldn't use my GI Bill but I dont need any more pain in my life to get my BSN.Heck, I wish Chamberlain had a High School for me way back when ,and I went to a Catholic school. I trully believe state (and or public) school will treat you like _____ ! You will pay for a peace of mind.
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    Don't assume all schools/programs are like yours. I graduated from a University that is one of the biggest in the entire country and I never felt like a number there. I now work at a massive medical center and I don't feel like a number. Big, when done well, is good. I had WAY more resources and options than the smaller schools did and I still got the personal attention.
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    Quote from foreverLaur

    I personally avoided Chamberlain because you can't get government loans (like Stafford Loans) so you have to fund privately and it's BEYOND expensive.
    I am attending Chamberlin RN-BSN and was able to get government loans. Actually covered almost 100%.
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    Quote from Navy_Glam
    You may be right. I have never gone to Chamberlain but I know last year I was highly considering Concorde for my ADN and because getting my BSN is so important to me, I went to the two major universities in my city (UNF & JU) to see if they would accept credits from Concord for my BSN and I was advised my the director of nursing at both schools that they would not. I obviously opted not to move forward with Concorde for that reason. Concorde is a fully accredited educational institution and are accredited by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges (ACCSC), a national accrediting agency recognized by the U.S. Department of Education. Again, I am not saying it isn't possible but she should definitely inquire before hand with the university she intends to get her MSN at. I would have been devastated if I had found out too late and was unable to ultimately get my BSN. It's simply better to be safe than sorry
    That accreditation is a national accreditation so in a sense it is accredited. What one should look for is a regional accreditation. For example in the western US it's called a WASC accreditation. You also want a nursing program to have CCNE, NLNAC or both. So the ACCSC is not an accreditation that transfers to most schools. Chamberlain is both accredited by the regional accrediting agency known as the north central association of colleges and schools as well as by CCNE. It is the same accreditation that state schools use, and the education is transferable. Transferability has nothing to do with for profit v non profit education. It all lies within the accreditation.
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    I also was able to obtain Stafford loans for Chamberlain. Graduated with the BSN in 2010. I have since moved on to another school for my MSN. As others have mentioned, Chamberlain has all the accreditation needed (regional and national) to continue an education elsewhere.
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    I'm not sure where the information comes from that you can't get government loans for Chamberlain. I'm in the MSN program at Chamberlain & all I got was a government loan. Check your facts.
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    I also attend Chamberlain and was offered the federal loans which I declined because I have the GI Bill so I am not sure which campus does not offer federal loans?
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    Quote from Navy_Glam
    Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges (ACCSC), a national accrediting agency recognized by the U.S. Department of Education.
    This is not an accreditation that is recognized by most schools. You will want to be on the lookout for a school that has a regional accreditation. The status of the school in regards to public, private, for or non-profit has nothing to do with whether it's credits are accepted at other institutions. What other colleges look for is the accreditation. If it has the right one, the units will be accepted. Here is a website that might assist you in finding a properly accredited college to attend: The Higher Learning Commission - Home If you don't see that the school you are interested in attending listed here on the HLC website, you should probably think long and hard about attending because it most likely will not be easy to transfer the units into another university.
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    Quote from Navy_Glam

    Again, Chamberlain is not a state school (like a community college or local university) and it is not as easy to transfer credits from "these type" of educational institutions (meaning Chamberlain) as it is with a state college.
    Your information is not accurate. Are you a RN? I graduated from Chamberlain and I am at Columbia for my MSN. It is the accrediting body that any school is concerned with, not the name of the institution. A state school is far less superior than most private secondary nursing schools, such as Yale, Sacred Heart, etc..Your advice is coming off a bit to judgmental and it wholly inaccurate.
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    i got plenty of federal financial aid at chamberlain, i didn't pay for one class out of pocket.
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    Sorry they will not transfer to a state college or University. It is a private school and I already looked into it before I signed up. You can earn your Masters through Chamberlain online.
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    Quote from Miss_Melissa
    Sorry they will not transfer to a state college or University. It is a private school and I already looked into it before I signed up. You can earn your Masters through Chamberlain online.
    Chamberlain has both regional and national accreditation, which is what is desirable for future education. I did the RN-BSN there and was accepted by a couple of different non-private schools for my MSN.
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    I am hoping to get into Chamberlain for the summer term. How did you go about getting all your tuition pain 100%?.r
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