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Hey guys! I just recently looked into Chamberlain as an option for me to obtain my BSN. Does anyone recommend that school?! I'm open for pros and cons but I'd prefer hearing from someone in the... Read More

  1. by   dawno
    Well, I went to the open house today at Chamberlain. I have to say, their SIM lab is amazing. However, $665/credit hour is INSANE!! I was so discouraged by the cost that I didn't stick around to ask many questions. This school is definitely a "last resort" school for me. Additionally, you only need to score a 75 on the Hesi to get in here. They did seem a little competitive to get accepted though. They only accept about 40 students per semester. I'm going to keep trying for the University!!
  2. by   RmichaelN
    Just make sure whatever classes you take at chamberlain,that the credits are transferable to your state university's/colleges (If you so desire to continue your education after that)
  3. by   leenak
    Quote from RmichaelN
    Just make sure whatever classes you take at chamberlain,that the credits are transferable to your state university's/colleges (If you so desire to continue your education after that)
    Actually, they wouldn't. They would only transfer to schools in the same accreditation, which means for-profit institutions. So for anybody that wants to continue on later with their education, I'd be concerned about going to chamberlain.Chamberlain has been advertising quite a bit in my area but I'd rather stick to schools that aren't for-profit schools.
  4. by   Medic2RN
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  5. by   futureRNsoon
    Quote from RN-n-themakn
    We have a campus in Miramar Florida that I will be looking into.
    me too hoping for the best
  6. by   JerseyGirl13
    Hate to tell you, but, ALL colleges are for-profit.
  7. by   nursecuddy
    Hi Everyone,

    I saw the posts asking about Chamberlain, so thought I'd share my experience with you.

    When I started looking for a nursing program, Chamberlain had just announced the opening of their Addison, IL campus. I was debating trying to get into an ADN program through my local community college (which was potentially a 3 year wait) or just biting the bullet and going to a private school that didn't have a wait list. After checking out the background of the school to make sure it was legitimate and weighing the pros and cons, I decided to go for Chamberlain. I can honestly say that this was one of the best decisions of my life. I found the staff to be genuinely caring, the class sizes reasonable, and the clinical partners top notch. The simulation labs are very helpful, and the Center for Academic Success offers free tutoring that was invaluable to me. I think what I loved most about my experience was that I really felt like the staff cared about my success- I wasn't just a "number". It can be very challenging at times, especially since it's an accelerated program, however it is not impossible. During my time there I was still able to work my part-time job 3 nights a week and raise my kids. Not easy, but if you're motivated and want to get your degree and have your career as quickly as possible, this is a great program. It is more expensive than some other programs, but after having gone through the experience I still feel it was totally worth it. Chamberlain definitely met my expectations. I also heard from many people at our clinical sites that they loved the Chamberlain grads! This is a huge plus when you start looking for a job. I graduated with my BSN in October of 2011, and am currently working as an ICU nurse at a large university hospital in Chicago.
  8. by   dawno
    Thanks so much for input, nursecuddy. I'm really having a debate with trying to decide where to go. This may be a personal question but, did student loans cover your full tuition? I really can't afford too much out-of-pocket and I'm depending on loans to cover tuition and books. Since Chamberlain is so expensive, I'm just not sure I could afford it.
  9. by   aggiexpooh
    I am also a student at the Addison campus in IL. And yes, just like a user said before, ALL COLLEGES ARE FOR PROFIT! Chamberlain costs about the same price as the BSN universities in the Chicagoland area so the price wasn't such a huge shock cause we have schools around here that are $35,000 and up a year =O.
    But anyway, it is a pretty good school, we get awesome clinical placements in top notch hospitals, not sure if the Chicago campus gets these sites yet lol. Our instructors are always there to help us and even stay after to go after subjects with u. The sim lab is a plus because everything mimicks a real hospital and setting.
    I came in with transfer credits from a community college so I only had to take 4 classes thru devry which isnt too bad cause they are ridiculously easy and dont get in the way when you are taking your nursing classes. Hope this helped!
  10. by   aggiexpooh
    For the tuition comment, my parents covered the last year out of pocket. I did not get any financial aid at all not even grants so everything was out of pocket. I may need to tho however take a few student loans out for my last year here but they will not go over $15,000. A lot of the nurses at clinical that I talked to had around $20,000 and one had $36,000. Since nursing is a well paying job they all paid them it off quick. You can always sign up for a loan forgiveness program thru ur state where hospitals and clinics in need of nurses will pay ur student loans off for u while u work for them
  11. by   Kdrenee
    So if you complete your pre reqs at the community college how much does chamberlain cost then, and long does the program take minus pre reqs?
  12. by   aggiexpooh
    It depends on how many transfer credits you have, if every single pre req transfers over then you have about 5 semesters which is a year and a half including summers and if tuition is about $25,000 a year then just do the math
  13. by   Kdrenee
    Another question that I got a little confused by on the website: do you have to have HESI and SAT or ACT scores? Or is it one or the other?