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  1. by   KLVC
    This message is for Ivaliav.... It would not let me reply to your private message for some reason. I was accepted for the July 2010 session. I was told I took my test too late so other people's files were completed before mine. They said if an opening became available for the March session it would go to the "best of the best" in line. I meet with my advisor tonight actually....Good luck to you
  2. by   dana13
    i'm taking the hesi test next week. i am a little scared of the math because of all the measurements in the a2 book. can anyone tell me is the test multiple choice? also are there a lot of measurement questions?
  3. by   dana13
    I was wonder what kind of math questions are on the HESI?
  4. by   realhousewife
    The math is not so bad and u can use the calculator on the computer. The math was basic fractions, ratios, averages and time conversions. I used the practice book and it helped me to pass. Good luck!
  5. by   dana13
    Is the test multiple choice?
  6. by   KLVC
    The majority of the test is multiple choice but there are a couple questions where you have to type in an answer. I was scared too but I studied from the guide. Math was my worst subject in school so I studied it like crazy and it ended up being my highest score because I studied so hard for it ;-)
  7. by   dana13
    thanks i'm just so nervous it's been so long since i've been back in school and i am taking the test saturday!!!
  8. by   Butterflies4DH
    The HESI was a cake walk I took the TEAS and thought it was much harder. You'll do fine!
  9. by   dana13
    Ok So I passed the HESI
  10. by   justkellymarie
    I was wondering if anyone has any (newer) links for the A2 test? I am taking it next week and would love to review a little. I saw some of the older posts but a lot of those links are not working now. Thank you so much for the help!!
  11. by   dana13
    i just use the a2 study guide and i passed. the test was pretty easy.
  12. by   dana13
    Hi has anyone been accepted into the class that starts July 2010?
  13. by   justkellymarie
    Not yet my hesi is next Thursday so hopefully soon. Did you? Congrats if you did!!

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