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    Is the fundamentals semester the second year? Thanks!

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    I just came across Chamberlain College of Nursing and didn't know there's one in Addison. I am currently taking my prerequisites at ECC to get into their Nursing program. So did I read it right that there is no requirement to get into Chamberlain as long as my gpa is 2.75+ and pass their standard test? I have a year left on my prerequisites and then there's two years of Nursing program- that is if I get into ECC Nursing program. I wouldn't mind giving up ECC for the 3 yrs at Chamberlain with BSN instead of ADN at ECC or would it be better if I finished all my prereq before I apply for Chamberlain?
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    Vixgirl - Yes, the fundamentals semester is considered second year. You will have fundamentals, pathophys, and health assessment.

    Katacake - That is correct, there is no requirement to get into Chamberlain. However, GPA is not the only thing that they base their decisions off of. They look at your high school classes, ACT scores, essays, college courses, and HESI exam. I would definitely recommend taking the majority of your prereqs at ECC. Save yourself the money! But I would talk to an advisor because many girls are stuck being part time because they finished their prereqs already, so if it's an insurance issue, I wouldn't recommend taking them at ECC. Like I said, talk to an advisor, they can tell you what's best, and then you can decide what's best for you. The BSN is definitely a better route these days I think. I recommend Chamberlain. I am starting Adult Health 2 this week, and believe me, it's not easy. A lot of people got that wake up call during Adult Health 1, but if you are willing to put in the work, you will succeed. It's like any other nursing program, you will have to make sacrifices. I enjoy it there and I am definitely glad I made the decision to go there. They really want you to succeed, and they will do what it takes to help you get there as long as you want to.
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    Do you know how long the program is?
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    To all new students, anyone going to the new student social september 17th?
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    Hi all!

    I tried to apply to the Addison campus for the pre-licensure BSN program and have had the hardest time! I definitely wondering if anyone else has been in the situation that I'm in.

    I live out of state in Northern California and will be moving to the Chicago area soon so all of my previously completed nursing pre-requisite classes are from community colleges in California.
    Chamberlain states that your cumulative college GPA excluding developmental courses must be a 2.75, so my problem is that since my transcripts here in California include developmental courses in my GPA (and of course the admissions and records department refuses to give out official transcripts to Chamberlain with those courses discounted from my GPA) Chamberlain told me they will not accept my GPA and will include my developmental courses since my school does. Without those courses my GPA raises to about a 2.9 but with them included (my dumb 18 year old self did not obtain high grades freshman year) my GPA is below the required limit.

    It is so frustrating!!! Do the community colleges in the Chicago area discount those developmental courses from your GPA on your transcripts? Why can't Chamberlain decipher my GPA from my official transcripts if my college is willing to tell them what my developmental courses are. My counselor wanted to send them an unofficial transcript with the courses discounted and my revised GPA with her signature, but alas it was rejected by Chamberlain.

    I actually have had a great experience with my advisor, and she has been really helpful but I flew out for an interview after e-mailing my transcripts and was told that I could take the HESI exam the day of the interview. When I got there, I found out that my transcripts were now not acceptable and I could not take the HESI exam. It was a definite waste of a trip including my incredibly expensive plane tickets.

    For those of you who are wondering if Chamberlain will accept your transfer classes, I had 32 units/credits awarded which was basically every single nursing pre-requisite class that I have completed. Which is great!!
    Maybe Chamberlain isn't accepting me because that would knock about $19,000 off my tuition...

    jjlopez- The program is 3 years if you have not completed any of the pre-requisites. If you have classes that will transfer then the program will be shorter, it just depends on what classes you can basically cross out.

    Anyway, thanks for reading my loooong story. Sorry that I'm venting to you guys so much. All in all, Chamberlain seems like a great school (with a huge parking lot )

    Good Luck to everyone who applies!! Hopefully you'll have better luck than I did. I'll just continue to try and find a way around this...
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    OHHHH kbelle29I am so sorry!! Try Benedictine University and people on here have declined Chamberlain are going to Frances University, University of Chicago (I think they are delayed on good teaching, but I'm not sure)!! Keep trying don't give up!!!
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    Thank you ER0D09 for your kind reply!
    I looked into U of St. Francis and applied to the school. =) Thank you for your suggestions! Being from California, I am completely clueless about the Chicago area. I've actually only been over in that area once (when I flew over for my Chamberlain interview) and was only able to stay for one day so you can imagine how difficult this has been for me.
    I almost feel right now that everything has been against me in this process. If you guys think its hard to get into nursing programs in Chicago, you should see California! For the 8 ADN junior college programs in the area, we have over 2000 applicants for 30 spots each. Two of those colleges are not actually accepting enrollment this Spring, and ALL of the California State Universities are not accepting external applicants for their BSN nursing programs this year. The economy over here is a mess!

    I won't give up! At this point, I'm willing to delay my move to Chicago and go to just about anywhere in the US with a good program.

    Best of luck to you! =)
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    Well if thats what you got to do, do it. At least it would just be you moving right? I have four kids and a move like that would be too hard!!! When there is a will, there is a way!!!! Don't give up!! Much luck to you!
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    Whats up with everyone, how is everyone doing? Icechick am I going to see you in October? Vixgirl, jjlopez!

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