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taken boards max. times and failed

  1. 0 I have taken my boards the maximum amount of times and failed. I am not eligible to retest. Does anyone know what to do now?
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    i'm sorry you are having trouble passing boards. are you sure you reached your max? i have never heard of a max number you can take it. what about a refresher course? what state are you in? did you try posting in the nclex discussion forum? i am sorry i am not much help. i am sure you will get some replies. i send you prayers and hugs.
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    Call the BON in your state and see what they require. Some states require you to take a remediation class before taking the NCLEX again.
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    Apply your college credits to a different field and return to school to pursue another career.
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    Try contacting your state boards and ask them what they would recommend. Maybe you need to think about a refresher course to review. They do have NCLEX courses that help you to prepare for the boards exam. Think about doing something like this to assist you in being successful the next time. Good luck
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    You're talking about the CRNA Boards? Couldn't you take another course in another school and then retake the boards? Are your courses applicable to a Nurse Practitioner program? Do you have trouble taking tests? Won't your professors mentor you by giving you verbal tests? Don't quit!
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    I think contacting your State BON would be your most sensible move. They can tell you if you need a refresher course, or to repeat the entire school process. Or if there's another option you don't know.

    Good luck!
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    Could we have some clarification Jax? Are you talking about the NCLEX (to get your RN) or the CRNA boards? Thanks for the additional info.
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    If you are referring to the Certification Exam for the CRNA, you have a max of 4 attempts per year, and you have 2 years after graduation to become Certified, which adds up to 8 attempts. If you've reached these limits, then you must repeat a nurse anesthesia program to again become eligible.
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    I am talking about my CRNA boards. Do I have to be certified to practice, or are there states out there that don't require certification?
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    maybe ur crna program can assist u on ur option. what program did u grad from?
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    You must be certified before practicing anesthesia. We are held up to a higher standard that any of our peers (both nurses and MDs).
    Contact your BON, and contact a private tutor. Preferably someone not with your previous school. It is obvious that you were not prepared and they just took your money. Time to fail you would have been during school, not after. Contact Valley Prep. I don't know the number. They teach a great course and give you the tools necessary to study from.
    Good luck. I'm sure your heart is broken. Cry. Then pick yourself up and take control of your situation.
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    As far as I know you have to take a remediation course within one year of taking the test again. You need proof of successful completion consisting of 30 hours.