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I'm currently an RN student. I've had my heart set on being an OB-GYN prior to entering college, and after I discovered nursing I decided that I would rather do holistic health. However, I am still... Read More

  1. by   WannaBNursey
    Quote from Dalla
    This is what I have learned from my research so far:
    There are 6 schools that have midwifery online, some with campus visits required.
    1. East Caroline University - approximately $39,600 for the 2 year program - ranked #26
    2. Frontier Nursing University - $29,700 - 2 years - ranked #13
    3. Georgetown University - $79,000 - 18 months - ranked #19
    4. Philadelphia University - $45,694 - 2 years - ranked #29
    5. Stony Brook University - $34,290 - 2 years - ranked #24
    6. Univ. of Cincinnati - $41,289 - 2 years - ranked #35
    Anyone else have anything to add?
    This is wonderful! It answers many questions I had about what online programs there are and how much they cost. Thank you
  2. by   uarmashi
    I wonder how much extra the tuition would be at Frontier for doing both CNM and WHNP.
  3. by   Kiddie_Nurse12
    I have done a large amount of research and I will be applying to U of Cinn and Frontier for next Fall. (I finish my RN-BSN in Dec.) I was going to apply to Georgetown but the cost are ridiculous!! Did you make a decision yet?
  4. by   Dalla
    My first choice is going to be Georgetown, only because of the length of the program. I am currently living on alimony and child support, both which will be running out soon, so the 18 month program is looking really good to me, even with the extra expense.
  5. by   Jennelea
    This is a great thread!
    How did you make out in your search for a midwifery program?
    I just finished nursing school (AD, with a previous BS) and i am looking at all the possibilities.
    i am really between Frontier and Philadelphia U.
    What were your experiences, ladies? I am really excited to move on to my midwifery training, but i am nervous about needing to find my own clinical preceptors. Are midwives typically open to Frontier students?
  6. by   mamagui
    @Jennelea, I have been researching Frontier and PhilaU for some time now as well. What I have done is stalk their facebook pages and gotten in contact with students from each school and chatted with them about their experiences. I am not ready to apply yet as I will be beginning my ABSN this fall, but I am a planner and research helps me stay focused. Feel free to PM me with any questions or comments
  7. by   RNAngelaF
    I am currently considering an online CNM program as well. I figured to post on this thread because it dives a little further into CNM schools as well as expectations of the sttudent.

    I am a current RN with my BSN. I am wondering approximately, how many hours is required for studying per week for a part time, 3 or 4 year program. I ask this because I am wondering the feasibility of doing an online program and continuing to work Full-time as well as take care of my two very young children along with my husband who is also in school. Many programs strongly recommend not working during clinical portions of the program. If you do part time, when exactly do clinicals begin? Is it in the last year? Or the last one or two years? I am just wondering how much of a time requirement is necessary. I am also wondering how "tech savy", so to say, you must be to be enrolled in an online program. Thank-you for any feedback. I think this post is great and was exactly some of the information I was looking for.
  8. by   klone
    Speaking only of Frontier, the didactic portion is very doable while working fulltime and raising a family. You HAVE to carve out time for yourself, several hours a week, without interruptions, though.

    The clinical portion, I don't see how anyone can do that and hold down anything other than a very PRN job. Frontier's clinicals are all at the end of the program (as opposed to other programs, where students might have clinical rotations interspersed throughout their program, and then a month-long integration/preceptorship at the end). Most Frontier students I see spend 2-5 months in their clinical rotation. It's a fulltime job, with a combination of hospital (L&D/postpartum) and clinic time (antenatal, postpartum and Gyn).
  9. by   jcadler82
    University of Minnesota also has a mostly online DNP Midwifery program.
  10. by   Mamita123
    Quote from RNmilwife
    I am in the CNM program at Frontier. 1st year. When I was researching schools I looked at University of Cincinnati since you don't have to travel for it but they require 1 year of L&D experience. It's so hard these days to get said experience because the hiring folks are only looking at L&D experienced nurses (at least in my area). The traveling to Frontier is not bad. If you already have a BSN then you only have to go twice and you have room and board so you don't have to go and stay at a hotel. Frontier does not require the GRE for anyone with 3.0 and above I think. Also I think Stony Brook's CNM program is online and doesn't require the GRE either. Some schools also offer dual program. I am thinking of getting my WHNP along with the CNM, it's only an extra term of clinical hours. .
    How did you like the program and did you successfully pass the courses?

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