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  1. Hey everyone,

    So I'm getting pretty nervous here. A couple of things, first my GPA is only a 3.6 and my science GPA is 3.5. I'm worried these aren't nearly competitive enough for the program. Second, I have a letter of recommendation from a FNP I've shadowed and one from a former professor. However, I can't seem to shadow a CNM or WHNP due to my night shifts. Unfortunately, my hospital is extremely busy right now and it is difficult to switch back to days in order to spend the day in a clinic then convert back to nights. My advisor states that not having a letter from a APRN in the field I'm applying into may be a problem. Should I just give up on NM/WHNP and apply into FNP instead then get my post-masters in my specialty?

    I feel like my application may be a little weak in comparison to others and am worried so much about these recommendations as being the make it or break it for me.

    Any guidance or suggestions is appreciated.

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  3. by   Dyana143
    I do have a third recommendation, just didn't list it.
  4. by   ZoeP25
    It's worth a shot! My GPA was 3.2 and I had a recommendation from an ACNP. It seems silly to me to have a recommendation from someone you have shadowed for one day. The ACNP I work with knows me much better and can give an honest assesment. I got into the Georgetown program for September, so maybe you can too!!
  5. by   Dyana143
    Thank you so much. That makes me feel a little better. My advisor said that the problem is most students don't actually understand the practice they are wishing to major in which is why the admissions board wants the shadowing. I've been a l&d nurse for 2 years now working with cnm and whnp's and completely understand the scope of practice. So my admissions counselor said to make sure I cover that in my essays. Ugh, I'm so nervous!
  6. by   Princess_WannaBe
    I just applied for the Sept program myself. Plan on attending only part time so I can work part time or PRN. I know they say it takes 2-3 weeks but I've read on other threads people found out in a matter of days. Just wondering how true this is. I got my letter of recommendation from a FNP who has been a mentor for me since I wanted to go to nursing school. Making the video was so nerve racking!!! I had to redo that thing almost 10 times to have a decent 4 min video. I'm going to be crushed if I dont get in
  7. by   Dyana143
    Oh please let me know if you get in... I'm super nervous but plan to finish my application for January this weekend.
  8. by   loves6601
    ZoeP25, if you don't mind my asking, would you tell me a little about your background? I'm applying for the Jan 2014 CNM/WHNP program at Georgetown, and I'm really nervous! How long did it take to get a reply, how much experience do you have, etc? Any tips? Thanks so much! (And good luck, Dyana143!) - Amanda
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  9. by   Dalla
    For all those considering applying to Georgetown, go for it! You never know until you try. I am currently a Georgetown student. When I applied, my GPA was 3.459. I never worked in L&D. I only worked for 1.5 years in rehab and LTC. I shadowed a CNM for a few days and got a recommendation from her. I also got a recommendation from a clinical preceptor from my bachelors program. I dreaded the video, but got through it. I had my ex-mother-in-law (English degree) proofread my statement of purpose. Yes, it is very expensive. Yes, it is not easy. Yes, clinical preceptors are supposed to be found by the school, but it is not easy and they may ask you for help. And if they fail, you have to temporarily be put on hold and take a term off while they continue to find a clinical site for you. You may need to move, or drive several hours each way. While you are waiting to see if you are accepted into the program, your admissions counselor is wonderful. And once you get in, the student support team is even better. And with a lot of hard work, you'll get through it!
  10. by   ZoeP25
    @loves6601-- I have about ten years of Critical Care experience-- no experience in Women's Health at all. I had a 3.2 GPA for my BSN. The turnaround time for the application is ridiculous-- I submitted on a Thursday and found out the following Tuesday. The video is nerve-wracking, but at least you get to practice before you submit it. They give you very clear guidelines for the essay and video, so as long as you stick to those and write a well-crafted essay, it's very straightforward. Use your admissions counselor as a resource for any questions. Good luck-- I just started class this week and it's pretty overwhelming so far !
  11. by   Tanacious
    I recently submitted my application , I am very nervous. I received an email on Dec 2, that they were reviewing my application so hopefully not too much longer. Not really feeling confident but who knows. Good luck all if you havent found out yet.
  12. by   sirI
    Good luck, Tanacious!!!! Keep us informed!!!
  13. by   RN_Private
    I am currently readying my application for 2014. Good luck to everyone!
  14. by   MeiLana
    I did an info-seeking email to this program 2 days ago. They called me the next day. They seemed to think my gpa was strong enough and that they could/would take me without any experience working as a nurse (so far) which I found flat out amazing. I haven't found, yet, what the current requirements of needing a recommendation are. I'm supposed to talk with them again tomorrow. Frankly, I'm a little astounded by the entire phone call. A clinical instructor had told me there is very little demand for CNMs in the DC/NoVA/SoMD area and that's part of why I'd not been pursuing this -- I know we'll likely never move away from here and no one wants to drop any kind of money on a graduate program that won't perform with a paycheck.

    Can anyone else speak to their requirements or how difficult it is to get in ... or get a preceptor? I was very dismayed to read you might get put on hold for lack of a preceptor.


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