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Tele/DOU: same as Progressive Care Unit?

  1. 0 I am a new grad and was just hired onto a telemetry DOU, and I was just wondering if this is considered a progressive care unit as defined by AACN. In the job description it says "...the RN provides care for critically ill medical and cardiac patients."

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    I don't know what a "DOU" is. When I worked on a progressive care unit, we took patients that needed drips that couldn't be given on the floor. We cardioverted, titrated stuff like neo, Cardizem, etc., took stable vents occasionally (like people with trachs on home vents.) We took all of the post-cath patients. No, the one I worked on was not like telemetry~ they were all on their own cardio-resp. monitors. It was interesting and very varied; I enjoyed working there.
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    Just a guess, but maybe DOU means "direct observation unit?" Still never heard of it either.

    To answer your question, OP, I think it does meet the AACN requirements. If you're thinking about takin your PCCN in the future, you should be able to from working on that unit.

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    Patients can be going in one of two directions-- getting sicker so they'll be off to the ICU, and getting better, so they're out of the ICU and aiming towards the floor.
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    Yes DOU stands for direct observation unit. Thanks for the replies!
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    Is this like a CDU? Clinical decision unit?

    OP yes you will be able to take PCCN
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    This does sound like a PCU

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