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New job as a progressive care unit/tele RN

nursearia nursearia (New) New

Hi all!

I've recently been hired on a PCU/tele unit after two years in the sub-acute setting. I am SO excited for this opportunity and equally nervous! I have to take a test prior to starting.. are there certain things I should brush up on? Does anyone have any resources or advice that may be helpful?

Thanks in advance!

OUxPhys, BSN, RN

Specializes in Cardiology.

Types of arrythmias, meds, lab values, the type of pt's you see on your floor.

I love working at a progressive care unit! It depends on the type of patients you will have. But as a general rule, know acls, what to do when a pt goes into a-fib / a-flutter, or if they develop respiratory issues. My patients can become unstable very quickly. On my unit we have mostly cardiothoracic patients (cabg, valve repair/replacement, lobectomy, esophagectomy). You have to know how to manage chest tubes, PCAs, epidurals, ventilators, and several drips. Sometimes you have a very unstable patient, no availabe room for them on the ICU, and you still have 2 other patients. It can be stressful at times but lots of learning opportunities.

Thank you both for that information!

my pre-employment physical and examinations are completed successfully. I am sad to leave my current coworkers, but definitely ready to try something new. I've been trying to brush up on different cardiac conditions/procedures/meds just so I fee more comfortable. They're giving me a 3 month orientation with 2 months on day shift and one month on night shift. I will be starting on the night shift and hopefully getting a transfer on to days as soon as it is available. My first day is in two weeks. :)

Lev, BSN, RN

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Sounds like you will be getting an adequate orientation. Congratulations on your new job! Be prepared to fly.

Wow, 3 months of orientation! I only got 2 months when I started on a progressive care unit, and I was new grad. You will do great, nothing to worry.

That is music to my ears!

Having had only subacute experience, I felt so unprepared and actually doubted myself for ever being ready for this. Cardiac was never my strongest point or weakest, but easily one of the areas of nursing that I was intrigued by so I feel blessed.

All of your kind words are easing my nerves more than you'd believe, so I thank you!


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