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Hi everyone! I am a new nurse in the CVSICU. Just completed my first week of orientation and wow there's alot to learn!! I was wondering if anyone had any advice on learning the cardiac gtts.... Read More

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    I'm fairly new to SICU myself. We have a binder with our drip protocols on the unit--always important to check this. I find that the most important thing for my learning style is to know the physiological response to each drip. Does it work by constricting the vessels or stimulating more cardiac output?

    I say this because when I was new, I simply wanted to get the patients blood pressure up to a point where I was comfortable and didn't care how it got there. But, now I realize that it is more important to treat the reason that the blood pressure is low to begin with. If volume is low, a pressor may not be necessary and if too low, even harmful. There should be enough volume to "press".

    As far as titrating, I've just followed my facility protocol and go by patient's response. It seems that in my short time in ICU, I've only had two types of patients--the ones who respond to small increments in titration, or the ones that want to crash no matter how fast I up the pressors. has tons of good info!
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    Quote from dah doh
    To AMAC8487: "everything is compatible in the world of anesthesia"...sorry, that's my little joke! But you will find that it seems true! Although it may vary at your facility, generally, all the pressors are compatible together and can all go with propofol. Dilators go together usually. Insulin, fentanyl, propofol ok. Amiodarone and bicarbonate compatible with very little so best to run separate! We have an idiot sheet for drips, but hearts are managed differently. Hearts have a bunch of lines and ports; trauma surgeries have a 1 port yes I do understand. Hope this helps!
    I have nightmares about the septic pts in my old I/CCU. Our intensivist loved running bicarb drips , it was like musical chairs with drips. Luckily in Cvicu I don't have that problem lol
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    Thanks for the excellent web sites!
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    Hey there! There is this website that is a bit outdated but has useful information, I think it is called new in the ICU? I think if you google it it should come up and it is very helpful. I wish you all the best!

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