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Looking for a CVICU job- should I list CRNA goal?

  1. 0 Hi all! I've read a few other threads similar to my question, but figured I'd ask directly. I'm graduating in 4 weeks from an ADN program. I LOVE the ICU, the advanced procedures and critical thinking, as well as fast paced and rapidly changing environment are right up my alley. I have excellent time management and my clinical skills are strong, and I have no doubt that I could excel in the ICU.

    My ultimate goal is to become a CRNA. However, I do love the ICU as well, and am by no means in a hurry to get my experience and get into CRNA school ASAP. I feel that getting the most out of my ICU experience and being proficient in those advanced skills will make me stronger as a CRNA. The time frame I'm thinking is 5-8 years.

    SO, my question is- should I say on my resume/cover letter/personal statements that I want to be a CRNA eventually? I understand that a lot of students just want to get their year of ICU experience and get into NA school. I have had CRNA under my long-term objective on my resume because I think it shows direction and that I'm a high achiever. BUT, I don't want to hurt my chances at getting interviews by nurse managers thinking that they'll invest the time and $$ to train me, and then I'll leave for school immediately. I guess I'm torn between leaving the CRNA goal on my resume, and stating that it's my "10 year plan", and just leaving it off completely. I don't want to lie either about my future goals.

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    You'll hear different opinions on this as there was just recently a thread on this topic.

    My personal opinion is to leave it out. I think it's great that you have a 10 year goal to become a CRNA. However, as you already pointed out, a facility is going to invest a lot of time and money to train you for the unit. I personally think someone may skip over you with the thought that you will up and leave when you get your experience, even though that may not be your intention. I would change it to a long term goal of getting your Masters degree, but not list anything specific.
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    Not if you want to get hired.
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    Absolutely not. It's the most annoying thing to train a CTICU nurse who then up and leaves just as they become useful.
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    I agree with everyone else, no one wants to know your 10 year goal anyway really, it usually involves leaving the floor where they need you.
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    Thanks so much for everyone's input! I've updated my resume' and cover letter template accordingly. =) Hopefully I'll be joining all you critical care nurses soon!

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