Helpful Information for the CCU and other Critical Care Units

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    i decided to start a thread with helpful information in the ccu. here are a few links to websites that i think ya'll will find very helpful: excellent all around cardiovascular physiology management of patients with dysrhythmias and conduction problems cardiac, kidney, urology, vascular, lung/airway, gyn, disgestive disorders, cancer, brain conditions and chronic pain information abg tutorial abg tutorial self-learning - the patient in respiratory distress texas arrhythmia institute cyberheart, cardiotutorials - cardiac dysrhythmias: an online presentation - introduction to 12-lead ecg, the art of interpretation - to intubate or not critical care and ventilators vent simulator (free demo)

    icu/ccu procedures normal heart sounds, aortic insufficiency, aortic stenosis, mitral insufficiency, mitral stenosis the virtual sethoscope heart and breath sounds basic lung and heart sounds breath sounds

    ([color=#003399] .. lung sounds from emory school of medicine

    blaufuss multimedia - heart sounds and cardiac arrhythmias myocardial infarction ecg tutorial ecg tracings cardiac tracings - advanced - personal quick reference sheets from rapid interpretation of ekg’s by dale dubin, md website by dr. dale dubin, author "rapid interpretation of ekg's" ecg's - mock codes acls scenerios learning ecg learning center ecg strip identification and evaluation ecg - interactive simulation program ecg library - super ekg puzzler - 215 rhythm strips to diagnosis—includes the answers- click on "go to this site now" to enter the quizzing from mcgill university molson medical informatics student projects site the basis of ecg diagnosis medical patient simulators and tutorials from medi-smart ecg recognition with time limit ecg strips with time limit icu case of the week - arrhythmias from medlineplus

    welcome to learningradiology - learning radiology (interpretation)

    we can add to the list as we go along.
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    THANK you, Siri! What a help this will be for me! Again, thank you!
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    you are welcome di. i have some more i will get together for later.
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    helpful links and information, continued........ american association of critical care nurses .... very helpful links on certification as ccrn, progressive care certification such as stepdown units, telemetry units, direct observational units, and transitional units

    american heart association an overall good site for reference material on bls, acls, stroke, mi, and position statements

    take american heart association renewals online

    american heart association acls online renewal

    american heart association pals online renewal

    american heart association bls online renewal

    american academy of pediatrics nrp ~ locate instructor/hospital/course

    excellent texts/journals:

    cardiothoracic surgical nursing (author: finkelmeier: isbn#0781717132)

    cardiovascular nursing (author: kinney, and packa)

    cardiovascular critical care nursing (author: woods: isbn#044308193x)

    cardiology update journal

    rapid interpretation of ekg's by dr. dale dubin links to a wealth of cardiology journals online

    more to come..................
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    These are great. I'm studying for CEN, nothing to do with CCU, and these are really helpful.
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    Great, KatieBell. Good luck with your exam. Please let us know when you pass!!!!!
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    as promised, here are other very informative and educational links...... video presentation and animated encylopedia regarding the conduction system. also, excellent discussion regarding pulmonary embolism and coronary angiography blood flow through the heart - animated tutorial

    http:// anatomy of the heart including information on the heartbeat, valves, coronary arteries, circulatory and conduction system - introduction to 12-lead ecg, the art of interpretation. view ecgs and fashcards to quiz on information about the electrical system of the heart. cardiac auscultation hemodynamic monitoring from barnes-jewish hospital management of cardiogenic shock/ahf, including hemodynamic parameters

    [color=#003399] swan/hemodynamic/cardiac - chest imaging tutorial

    more to come............
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    thanks a lot for all these helpful website on all aspects of nursing. i am anticipating that you will always carry on these helpful links.
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    Siri, now I know why I loves ya!

    Thanks for all the great links!
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    more.......... sedation protocol for vent patients national heart lung and blood institute on cholesterol yale university school of medicine cardiothoracic imaging university of virginia radiology interactive tutorial online interactive radiological case studies chest imaging tutorial
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