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by jaznia15

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I had an interview for a position on a cardiac stepdown unit. The unit receives patients who have undergone cardiac procedures such as open heart, cath lab, and etc. She said a lot of patients come down with drips and what have... Read More

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    our ratio for Cardiac SDU is 5:1, working hard to cut it to 4:1. Is 5:1 do-able? sometimes, does it suck? Always. There is something about that 5th patient that just puts the assignment over the edge
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    I work at a stepdown unit and our ratio is 4:1, but we often go up to 5:1 without CNA help. We also have opened the critical care waiting room and "transformed" it into patient care areas. Mind you we put 4 patients in the waiting room with NO suction set up, and portable O2 tanks. Can you say ridiculous!?

    We also actively titrate Dopamine, Dobutamine, Cardizem, Nitro, etc, take post Op day 1 CABG patients, neuro patients that require Q2 hour neuro checks, and we take all the chest pain patients and all the PTCA patients. We have to have a minimum of 20 patients to have 2 CNA's, otherwise we just have 1, and sometimes NONE. Did I mention we take trached and vented patients? Oh, and our charge nurses are expected to take a full load of patients 75% of the time. The acuity is extremely high.

    We have an incredibly high turnover rate and are always short staffed. No agency wants to send us there nurses because they can't handle our unit. And to make everything more wonderful we currently have NO manager for our unit. The administration is ridiculous and all they care about it making $$ and not patient care or safety.

    I recently left (the 5th RN this month alone), and when they call me for my exit interview they are going to hear a ton from me!
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    Hi @fancypantsRN !

    I've worked on a PCU for 3 years, and I'm now changing hospitals so I applied to their CV stow down unit. Do you think it's harder or more difficult than PCU? I know you're not getting as many GI bleeds, overdose, ETOH withdrawal, vents.. Etc but the ratio of CV stepdown is 4-5:1. I've only worked on 3:1 and now more often 4:1. Will it burn me out???