case management certification for case management?

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    Hi All,
    I am a Care Manager for a major Managed Care Organization. With 2years of Case Manager experience (which includes, as a Field RN & In-house Coordinator),it is time to seek board Certification, with the American Nurses Credentialing Center, in Case Management.

    The question is: Is it worth it?

    They are different titles, with differences (some,not all) in job responsibilities.

    Please do kindly assist with any input.

    Best to my fellow nurses!
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    I took the CCM exam in January and passed. My company is requiring it by 2014. Also I think most places prefer CCM and possibly will require it in the future. It shows you specialize and know your stuff. . But it is a hard exam and you need at least two years experience and there are some good study material. Check the ccmc site.
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    Just because you have CCM behind your name does not imply you “know your stuff”. One needs to continue to educate oneself, keep abreast of current health trends and news.
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    Most case management jobs require it. I really don't think you can study for it but there are some online study programs. I studied, passed, but not from studying just from my overall knowledge.
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    @ funnygirl the CCM does show you are a professional and experienced in case management and is a nice accomplishment. Wow. I don't know you but no need to be rude. I hope it does mean you "know your stuff"
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    And of course is always a learning and continuing education process.
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    I think anytime there is a certification, in this current market, makes a candidate stand out as taking that extra mile.
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    I agree with Esme12. More and more employers are requiring certified employees to show the accreditation agencies as well as the public that they meet quality standards and that a high level of service can be expected. Certification with experience typically will give you an edge over others who did not pursue that route.
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    Information and links on what case management is and is not, and certification exam prerequisites.
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    All the previous posters have valid points, but just to confuse you I have been a case manager for 16 years and do not have certiifcation and have never had a problem getting a job. IMHO if employer requires it they should pay for it because obviously they think it is in their interest you have it. The core body of knowledge particular to CM is quite limited, so what is actually be certified is the ability to think critically. And there is something to be said for that.
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