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Hi, does anyone have input on travel nursing? I work for an interventional cardiologist as his office nurse and am looking for more money. I am married, have a 22 & 19 year old. They are pretty independent. My husband is ok with... Read More

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    i know this is an old post but i just wanted to say that a lot of incorrect info. is being put out here. travel companies pay for your travel to and from assignments, they give you a rental car, or if you use your own you get a car allowance, you get a per diem, and you get a great salary, plus housing which includes utilities. its a great opportunity. try it at least once. good luck

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    which companies have you worked for pay for relocation and vehicle? My husband is unemployed and although he has been apply for 5-7 jobs per week, nothing yet. His unemployment benefits run out in December, so we are seriously considering the travel nurse thing to help us make ends meet and go live in someplace we like better than where we are now.

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