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Hello. I want to see how your Organization/ "Brain" sheet is set up to get ideas before I make my own. Sharing this will be of great help.:idea:... Read More

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    Quote from AggieNurse99
    The new grad one I made for interns and students unfamiliar with our charting (print 2 sides, flip on long edge) and there's a time sheet on the back. I use a 1 page per pt brain, even though we take 6 pts. I just can't make enough notes on a multiple pt sheet.
    New Grad Brain.doc is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen as a second semester nursing student. I nearly wept tears of joy. Thank you so very much. I will be downloading the other as well.

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    Hey Jeff,

    I know this is an old post, but I'm a new nurse in CICU at Cleveland Clinic and am looking for some way to better organize my days/nights. Like your brain as a template and would love to be able to adjust it a little. Could you possibly forward me an electronic version/file of the excel file you used? Would greatly appreciate it!! Thanks, Joe
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    Thx Bri!!

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