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Im curious. Im a brand new LPN and jus accepted a position on a cardiac stepdown unit and the rate is $19.64 do you guys think this is a good start rate?? I'm more excited to learn all about cardiac disease's than the rate and am... Read More

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    Thanks guys! yea i thought it seemed fair and I could live with this for awhile, I love this hospital bc they utilize the LPNS everywhere in the hospital and allow us to practice like we were meant to! Still makes no sense why some hospitals want RN only.
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    Quote from canchaser
    Very good in st Louis I started as a LPn on step down 10 yrs ago at 17.00 with no benefits. They have since told all LPn to get rn or find a new job within 2 years. So I got my rn .
    I'm in st. louis too. i dont think any of the hospitals here hire lpns any more. the va hospital does is the only one i've seen so far and they want you to have acute care experience at least a few years.

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