LPN-Accepted a position on cardiac stepdown

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    Im curious. Im a brand new LPN and jus accepted a position on a cardiac stepdown unit and the rate is $19.64 do you guys think this is a good start rate?? I'm more excited to learn all about cardiac disease's than the rate and am beyond excited to take care of them! but I'm wondering where im at compared to other new grads

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    You need to tell us what state/area you are in for us to give you any useful replies.

    Is that a good salary in south California? No way. North Jersey? Not really. Rural Maine? You bet.

    Why don't you do a google search for the average LPN salary in your city and compare?
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    Ditto Ashley's response!
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    north east CLEVELAND, OHIO
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    then that is a very good rate.
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    congratulations rico! nice to know lpns are still working in acute care. i never had the chance.

    good luck!
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    Very good in st Louis I started as a LPn on step down 10 yrs ago at 17.00 with no benefits. They have since told all LPn to get rn or find a new job within 2 years. So I got my rn .
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    Consider yourself extremely lucky, my wife went to LPN school in central Ohio. It took her about a year and a half to find a full-time job, and as far as she knows, she's still the only one in her class working full time. She makes 19/hour working assisted living..
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    Quote from Rico84
    north east CLEVELAND, OHIO

    The median LPN salary in that area is about 40,000 dollars, which is roughly 21 dollars per hour for a full time position. So for a new grad with no experience, your salary looks great! Congratulations.
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    Looks awesome; I'm starting as a new grad RN in a cardiac stepdown in NH and only making a couple bucks more an hour! So enjoy, learn lots, and keep us posted!

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