Trying to find Ontario colleges that offer RN refresher courses/clinical placements

  1. I am a B.Sc.N. graduate that has not practiced for over 5 years due to having 3 young children. Now I am in the process of trying to reinstate my RN license under the CNO - College of Nurses of Ontario. The CNO requires 8 theory based courses and 200 hours clinical and 200 hours consolidation. The CNO has not been very helpful in this process.

    I was able to find a college that offers some of the courses by correspondence - St. Lawrence College. Unfortunately they do not offer the clinical/consolidation component due to the fact that I do not have an current RN license. Mohawk College was another option, but they do not offer correspondence/on line courses, only in class. I live just outside the GTA (greater Toronto area) and the Mohawk program is in the Hamilton/Halton area which is too far of a distance to be practical for me. Mohawk college will offer the clinical component if they are satisfied with the courses that I take at St. Lawrence college, but unfortunately they only offer the clinical in the spring of next year!

    Unfortunately, the 2 colleges I have found do not offer all the courses that are required by the CNO. Neither college offers the Gerontology and the Cultural context/transcultural nursing? courses needed to fulfull the CNO's required theory elements to get my RN license reinstated. I have found Gerontology and Cultural context/transcultural nursing courses but they are only offered to nurses who have a current RN license!

    I really want to start practicing as a RN soon but the process of trying to get there has been very frustrating.

    Has anyone experienced this or are also going through this same process? Does anyone know of any other colleges in Ontario that offer the RN refresher course that the CNO requires?

    Please help!
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  3. by   agiboma
    How did you make out?
  4. by   want to practice
    Through vigilant searching of the internet, I was able to find out that George Brown College in Toronto offers the RN refresher courses needed to fulfill the CNO requirements. I found this by searching Internationally Trained Nurses program. George Brown College calls their program Academic Pathway for Nurses Graduate Certificate under their continuing ed department. Originally when I looked at their website, it was daunting because it required that an Internationally Trained Nurse (IEN) had to take 12 courses in order to qualify to take the clinical component. So I was concerned because I was trained in Ontario, in an accredited university and the CNO only required that I take 8 courses to re-license myself. So I did not pursue GBC initially. Before I found out about this, I did take 4 correspondence courses through St. Lawrence College, based in Brockville. When I met with coordinator of the GBC program, she accepted 3 out of the 4 courses I took already. So in January I have to take 3 more courses, but they are online. She exempted me from taking other courses, which is great. In May, I start my clinical in the hospital. In September, I will start my consolidation in the community - looking to get a placement in Public Health - area that I used to work in and would like to eventually work there again. So at least I am on the right track. I just wished it did not have to take this long.
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    Thanks for the information, i am in the same situation Ontrio University graduate who has not practiced in Ontario for over 5 years. I have just received my letter of direction. I also have 2 young children @ home and can only do online courses. GL to you
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    I Am in similar situation needed some help. My email is
    i passed my crne on oct 13 but not yet received my registration. I am an IEN.
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    Hi! Did the CNO recognized all the courses you took from George Brown?
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    Thanks a lot for this information. Am in a similar situation. I finished my bridging program here in Ontario since 2012 but still writing the board exam. Now the CNO said that my registration with them expires this August which is 3 years on the dot and that even if i pass the nclex rn now that i have to do a refresher course before I can work. So am looking for a college that can offer a refresher course. More inputs to this will be appreciated.
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    I have been non-registered for 8 years due to illness. I now want to become a practicing RN in Ontario again. Can anyone help guide me through the first steps. I find there is so little info on this process. There is a ton of pages to read through but none of them clearly state the steps to begin, please help!
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    I am in the same situation. I hope you see this reply. Please tell me how you figured out the very first steps to reinstate as I am overwhelmed by unclear info. Who did you contact for direction, who tells you exactly what is expected for you to reinstate? Hope things went well for you!
  11. by   hopetopassnclex
    Hi dear, l think what you should do first is to call CNO, college of nurses of Ontario. Ask them whatever question you have pertaining to registration here in Ontario. They have the final answer. But I am sure you have to upgrade to the Bscn before attempting the Nclex rn to become a registered nurse here. Thanks and I hope this helps
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    Hi all,
    I live in Ontario, Canada and want to return to nursing. I am waiting on the CNO letter.
    I will require OSAP to cover courses at George Brown, but it is not covered because they are continuing ed. It is the only college I can access. Any suggestions?
    Thanks and take care nurses!
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    Hi dear, am in the same situation with you. I have called CNO several times for the letter to go do the refresher course but till now no letter from them. I keep waiting. Did you call OSAP for coverage? Am thinking of calling them to see if they can cover it at George brown since it is the only college I see that can offer those courses. Sorry to ask are you done with the Crne? Am yet to write the nclex rn. Do you have any idea how much it will cost to do those courses? And how many months it will take to complete it. Thanks I will post any information I get concerning, thanks.